Dudu Moloko

How to help 50,000 employees weather change

Dudu Moloko, the Group Head of Learning and Development at FirstRand in South Africa, understands the importance of adaptability in a rapidly changing world. FirstRand is South Africa’s biggest bank by market capitalization, and Dudu’s role is to equip its 50,000 employees with the necessary skills to navigate change successfully.

Dudu ensures employees can upskill for the future and reinvent their career paths through democratized learning opportunities for all employees, whether they’re just starting in their career, working hybrid, or have been with FirstRand for 20 years.

During the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020, Dudu recognized that employees were struggling with the images of racial inequities from the US, as they were so similar to events in South Africa’s history. Knowing these events brought up troubling memories and were affecting employee well-being, Dudu wanted to facilitate a conversation with company leaders on the topic. She found a course on Udemy that showed her how to lead authentic conversations on diversity with managers so that they can have these critical conversations with their teams.

Dudu and her team at FirstRand are creating a learning-first workplace culture where people can thrive. By providing accessible learning experiences and empowering individuals with the skills they need, Dudu is building a brighter future for the bank and its employees.

“We’re using Udemy to help people reinvent themselves.”

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