Simon Ruszala

The road to lifelong learning

When it comes to technology, staying ahead of the curve is more than an aspiration — it’s a necessity. That’s why Simon Ruszala, Group Learning Director at Devoteam, spends every day working toward the consulting company’s vision of “tech for good” by helping employees learn the skills they need to thrive at work and in life.

Placing special emphasis on soft skills in addition to consulting and business skills, Simon believes in going beyond just the basics. With the help of Udemy, he’s able to create a clear picture of the needs and skill interests of Devoteam employees and develop a well-rounded and adaptable workforce.

Simon is no stranger to setting ambitious goals, and he knows striking a balance between career and personal interests is key. The skills he developed through Udemy helped him devise new strategies and manage priorities not just at work, but in his personal passions as well. Specifically, in an international mountain biking race amongst professional athletes.

“The goal was just to finish. Suddenly my mindset changed.” Simon said, explaining how he found himself approaching the race from an entirely new perspective. He was thinking farther ahead about his strategy, why he set this goal, what he hoped to learn from it, and how asking these questions would help him achieve it. 

Simon’s experience is proof that the benefits of learning aren’t confined to one area of focus — they touch every aspect of your life. 

“I’m a lifelong learner,” says Simon. “It’s just something you’re interested in. Learning is every day.”

“I'm a lifelong learner. Learning is every day.”

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