Hannah Behan

Scoring career goals at Sony Sports Businesses

Hannah Behan is a big fan of sports and an even bigger fan of learning. As Head of Talent Development for Sony Sports Businesses, she knows every win depends on great training — whether your role is on or off the playing field. Every day, she helps employees develop the skills they need to reach every goal.

Part of the reason Hannah is so passionate about the opportunities learning can create is because she’s experienced them firsthand. When she took her first role in professional sports with the Olympic badminton team, she knew nothing about badminton. But, as Hannah said, that didn’t really faze her. Instead, she took it as an opportunity to learn. That mindset has served her well ever since.

Bringing her zest for learning to work every day, Hannah’s goal is to help employees understand how much learning can benefit them both personally and professionally. It can be all too easy to keep your eyes on just getting the job done, especially for leaders with teams to look after. But taking a step back to focus on your own development is the real secret to winning. 

“If you want to move the dial, if you want to change behaviors, if you want to embed change,” said Hannah. “It needs to be part of a development process. And that’s what Udemy provides.”

“I never want to go into a room and be the smartest person there.”

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