Evan Templeton

Musician changes gigs

To put it mildly, the year 2020 changed a lot of lives. And for musicians like Evan Templeton, that meant a pause on live gigs and a loss of work. He needed a way to earn money quickly. Waiting around just wasn’t going to cut it — he needed to reinvent himself fast.

Evan had always been interested in computers and building things, but he assumed you needed to be a math wiz or have a computer science degree to get into a technical profession. But after taking software development courses online during his newfound free time, he realized the lack of a degree didn’t have to hold him back. With the help of two of Angela Yu’s courses on Udemy (The Complete Web Development Bootcamp and The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp), Evan learned the principles of web development and became a software engineer in under a year.

Today, Evan is working at Amazon. “It’s crazy to think that’s possible, but I did that on Udemy.”

“When COVID hit, the entire live music industry shut down.”

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