Diego Davila

Empowering communities through learning

Growing up in South America, Diego Davila felt an entrepreneurial drive from an early age. He had a passion for creating businesses and analyzing what made them successful. Over the years, he developed a unique perspective on running companies and wanted to share that knowledge with other entrepreneurs facing similar challenges in growing their companies. 

Diego’s digital marketing, personal development, and artificial intelligence expertise have reached over 900,000 learners across 213 countries. His courses reach so many learners because he offers them in his three native languages: Spanish, Portuguese, and English. The ability to connect with learners of all backgrounds in even the most remote locations inspires Diego’s work. Recently, he ventured to the Amazon rainforest of Peru to meet two learners who have enrolled in his courses — JJ Durand and Roy Riquelme, leaders of local organizations dedicated to community development, conservation, and uplifting local lives. 

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“Any person has knowledge that they can share.”

Lessons from Diego’s goal-setting course help JJ inspire his team of rainforest conservationists to adapt to change. Roy uses learnings from Diego’s digital marketing course to promote his work as a chef and advocate of Amazonian cuisine. Witnessing firsthand the impact of education and how it can boost communities for generations to come affirms Diego’s belief in the transformative power of learning. 

“These younger people, that are learning [from JJ and Roy], in the future will take care of the community and the Amazon,” says Diego. “That’s the reason I started this business with Udemy. All my trajectory is just to see what I’m seeing right now with JJ and Roy.”

Education is about more than acquiring knowledge. It also can foster change and empower individuals to shape their futures. And, from Diego’s perspective, we have so much to learn from each other. “I believe that any person — it doesn’t matter what you do or what your interests are — has knowledge they can share. Anyone.”

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