MentorU: Fostering Professional Development and Success in a Skills-Based Economy

Seeking a company that values your growth and development as much as you do? Look no further than Udemy, a leading online marketplace platform for learning and teaching. Career growth is not just a perk here – it’s ingrained in our culture. We foster a supportive environment where curiosity is encouraged, experimentation is celebrated, and growth is the norm. We’re a community of lifelong learners passionate about personal and professional development. 

Embracing Growth: Cultivating Continuous Learning

Udemy was founded on the belief that everyone deserves access to education. We’re not just a business—we are building a culture of continuous learning worldwide. Our core value, “Always Learning,” isn’t just a slogan—it’s our way of life. Learning isn’t just encouraged—it’s celebrated. We do this by providing our employees with the tools, resources, and support needed to advance in their roles, switch career paths, or gain new skills.

This comes at a critical time when we’re witnessing a global paradigm shift towards a skills-based economy. Professional value is being redefined where developing crucial skills is emerging as the new currency. At Udemy, we’re committed to supporting both our customers and employees in staying ahead in this skills game.

As part of this commitment to our employees, we offer MentorU, Udemy’s innovative mentorship program, designed to ignite connections and foster professional growth and career development.

Introducing MentorU: A Tailored Learning Experience

MentorU, a tailored learning experience, connects our employees with experienced mentors across the organization. They provide guidance and support to help their mentees excel in their careers, navigate new work approaches, and delve into emerging skills. They also provide valuable insights on where to focus learning and personal growth so their mentees can reach their full potential.

Through the curated 16-week program, both mentors and mentees develop a deeper understanding of how to grow their careers at Udemy. As one of our mentors, Senior Director of Internal Audit Steven Appeltans, put it, “It’s not a one-way giving of information. It goes bidirectional.” 

One success story comes from Senior Director of Internal Audit Steven Appeltans, whose mentee, Veronika Benkeser, was recently promoted to Principal Content Strategy Manager. She credits mentorship as a key contributor. Veronika shares, “I’m really grateful that Udemy has this benefit. It is really valuable to have someone so invested in your success, and this is what this program brings.” Learn more about Steven and Veronika’s story in the embedded video above.

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