Embracing the Udemy Culture: A Journey of Collaboration and Growth in EMEA

In 2014, Udemy established its EMEA headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. The culture we’ve developed there is more than a mere concept; it’s the cornerstone of our success. From the moment individuals step into our workplace, they encounter an environment where collaboration flourishes, authenticity reigns, and inclusion is celebrated.

Udemy’s EMEA Culture: Collaboration and Growth

One of the most striking aspects of Udemy’s culture in EMEA is the emphasis on fostering connections – with managers, teams, peers, and cross-functional partners. It’s not just about completing tasks; it’s about cultivating meaningful relationships that drive collective achievements. 

From the initial interview stages, there’s a palpable sense of camaraderie and belonging that sets us apart. As David Burke, senior director of International Accounting and Finance based in Dublin, shared in the video, “It’s our secret sauce. It’s one of the best companies I’ve worked for, probably the best company I’ve worked for. Not just in terms of mission, but in terms of the people that work here.”

As Burke points out, what distinguishes Udemy isn’t solely our mission to transform lives through learning, although it’s undoubtedly inspiring. It’s the unwavering dedication of each person to that mission that sets us apart. Our culture thrives on purpose and passion, driven by the belief that skills are at the heart of transformation.

A Community Where Everyone Thrives

As we assist more than 16,000 customers in becoming skills-based organizations, we’re also evolving ourselves. By increasingly prioritizing skills in our talent processes, we’re fostering an agile, flexible workforce ready to tackle any challenge. The positivity and enthusiasm are infectious, making each day at Udemy a source of inspiration.

Ultimately, the people, the mission, and the vibrant atmosphere make Udemy more than just a workplace—it’s a community where everyone thrives. Check out our careers page here to join us and be part of our EMEA team, where collaboration, growth, and success go hand in hand!