Who We Are At Udemy


At Udemy, we’re working toward an important goal to provide flexible, effective skill development that empowers organizations and individuals. We care a lot about executing on this and how we achieve this. Our values guide how we do business and interact with each other, our instructors, our students, and our partners.

We define our values in terms of specific observable behaviors and hold ourselves accountable to being an amazing place to work, while doing amazing work.

So, what makes life at Udemy special?

We’re earnestly authentic

  • We respectfully ask questions to understand the uniqueness of each other and the world around us.
  • We invest the time to create an inclusive environment that calls for diversity. 
  • We integrate reflection and development into our flow of work.

You can see this at Udemy in hundreds of different ways. In the game nights, book clubs, socials (and lots more!) hosted by employee resource groups and teams. Reflection is also important to stay authentic, whether it’s during our Career Navigator conversations or UDays (meeting-free days) to enable space and time so we can focus in or zoom out. We also remind each other to integrate these behaviors into our everyday work–those meetings, those conversations, those decisions we make every day.

We’re individually humble, collectively proud

  • We collaborate as one team and approach our work holistically.
  • We make space for everyone’s voice to be heard.
  • We recognize one another’s accomplishments and attempts.

Spend a day with Udemates and you’ll see we’re serious about shout-outs. We get very specific about what we appreciate about each other, acknowledging how our individual strengths contribute to a stronger global team. Winning is a team sport and we take the time to recognize and celebrate employees across all levels who help and support our wins and attempts. You won’t just hear from senior leadership at our all-hands meetings; employees from all levels regularly present their team’s work to the whole company to help drive us forward.

We’re always learning

  • We learn habitually, committed to continuous improvement with each other. 
  • We engage in constructive debate to make better decisions.
  • We leverage our platforms and solutions to learn together. 

Learning is the heart and soul of Udemy. We learn together with each other–in cohorts, through mentorship, across asynchronous sharing. Our mighty Learning & Development team offers learning experiences to practice these core behaviors and give each other opportunities to develop our skills, as well as helps our customers with learning solutions of their own. Each employee also gets unlimited access to Udemy courses and a generous annual professional development stipend. 

We’re courageously experimental

  • We move quickly towards innovative solutions.
  • We take risks and celebrate failures in service to future excellence.
  • We adapt and iterate based on what we learn.

We are committed to democratizing the world of learning and education. We offer innovative solutions that improve the lives of individuals and the communities around them. We experiment, take risks, and learn from failures (and successes!). This might be seen in one of our regular hackathons or in sharing product prototypes to each other and our customers.

We’re results driven

  • We own our results by being accountable for identified success metrics. 
  • We clarify responsibilities to ensure cross-functional follow-through. 
  • We focus on what’s important and take action to get it done.

We work at a purpose-driven company. This means that we place a high value on results to ensure we can impact as many people and organizations around the world as possible. We are clear on the metrics that demonstrate success and the important actions to get us there. And we regularly connect with our students, instructors, and customers to ensure our work is focusing on those that matter most.

Regardless of which team or project you are working on, these values and behaviors are the foundation for how we deliver on our mission and goals. If we sound like your kind of people, check out our open positions here.