How Udemy is driving impactful change for BEDI

At Udemy, we’re committed to building a workplace of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). As part of our ongoing journey, we’re creating our own high standards to align our people on this important mission and we’re thrilled to share updates about our progress with you.

Underscoring Belonging

DEI has been at the forefront of driving societal change in recent years. From transforming hiring practices and supporting underserved communities to fighting racial injustices and securing rights for those historically left behind, each one of us plays a part in the mission for DEI. Despite these efforts, lack of industry standards means DEI will look different from workplace to workplace. To make meaningful change, we know we had to create common standards for ourselves.

At Udemy, we feel belonging is a crucial and often overlooked component of building sustainable change in our workforce and for the organizations and people we serve. Therefore, we refer to our DEI work as belonging, equity, diversity and inclusion (BEDI).

How We Define BEDI at Udemy

To keep us aligned and accountable, we created organizational definitions for each word, which stems from a collaborative effort between our employee resource groups and BEDI Council members. This helps all employees have a common understanding of what BEDI means at Udemy and how we bring it to life in our workplace and our business.

Here’s how we define BEDI:

Becoming a Fair Pay Workplace

We continue to make strides in BEDI by taking impactful action, and so we’re proud to share that we were recently certified as a company committed to equitable pay practice by Fair Pay Workplace, a trusted symbol of pay equity worldwide. The rigorous certification process included an independent examination of our pay practices and is an important step on our journey to be a workplace grounded in inclusion and equity for all. 

Looking Forward

As an update to our previous post regarding the eStaff OKRs, we’re progressing with our efforts and are on track to meet our goals – many of them at least 50% complete!  

Working to ensure that employees feel a sense of belonging while being intentionally inclusive doesn’t happen quickly. We look forward to continuing to progress our efforts and stand firm with our commitments. 

Want to embed BEDI in your organization? Check out our previous “Embedding BEDI” webinar for strategies.