From Workplace Ops to Support: How Nino Grew His Career at Udemy

As a learning company, we’re always offering ways for our employees to pick up something new. From UDays and free Udemy courses to stretch projects and learning stipends, our people use their curiosity to grow. Our favorite part? When they grow with us. Hear from Nino Villamor, Customer Experience Analyst in San Francisco, to learn how he developed his career at Udemy these last three years.

What was your original role at Udemy?

I joined Udemy right out of college as a workplace and people operations intern. I really wanted to work in HR and thought this would be a good path. After my internship, Udemy hired me full-time as a workplace coordinator, which focused on creating positive experiences for our employees at the San Francisco headquarters. I also helped launch our Mountain View office. 

Funny enough, I was hired about a month before the pandemic shutdowns happened in 2020, which was a weird time to be in a role like this. After seeing people at other companies in this role getting laid off as the pandemic continued, I worried about what that meant for me. 

Thankfully, online learning spiked during this time, so plenty of teams needed help to keep up with the demand. That led me to moonlight on the support team. My manager was incredibly supportive of me taking on this project and helped me manage my workload between the two teams.

How did this experience transform your career?

When the pandemic hit, there was so much uncertainty about when we would be able to work toward returning to the office. During that time, our support team reached out to a few internal teams to help with the overwhelming traffic we received due to the high demand of online learning. I was fortunate enough to start helping with a few basic tickets initially, and the more work I did, the more I considered the opportunity of a new career path. I realized how much I enjoyed interacting with people and experiencing the customer-facing side of the business.

I spent about eight months on this team before I joined them full-time. Because we were building out new teams and functions, I was given a lot of autonomy to figure things out with the support of my managers and teammates. I worked with many different team members, external partners and customers. Being new in my career, it was a fantastic opportunity to learn and discover a career path I had never considered before. 

The autonomy they gave me let me understand how many different things fell under the umbrella of support and the various skills needed to work in those roles. This is helping me see what areas interest me the most so I can figure out what’s next in my career journey.

What was your proudest moment so far?

Last year, I took on a massive project to transition a Brazilian payment processor. It was a little scary since I was throwing myself into the deep end, and the situation was stressful. But the partnership and support of the team helped me find the confidence to develop a process to support this. There was a lot of trial and error and figuring things out as we went along, but we ultimately got it done.

I was given the freedom to spearhead the relationship with the external partner and worked with internal teams to make the switch and fully integrate with a new processor. The new processor creates a better experience for our team and customers, which was a big win for us. 

I’m really proud that I got to lead that project, and I loved the exposure it gave me to other people within Udemy. I not only talked to different departments, but I also got to build relationships with people in our offices around the world. It was such a cool experience!

What was the most influential part of your career journey here?

I’m amazed by the willingness of managers and people around you at Udemy to work toward your interests. If you’re interested in something, they’re there to connect you with other people in the business to learn more. They encourage you to pursue what excites you.

On the job, people are extremely generous with their time. They jump on calls with me, walk me through things, and support and encourage me. I appreciate how willing people are to help. It’s such a positive way to build my career here.

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