Udemy Stands in Solidarity with the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) Communities

Approximately 10 per day. That figure represents the number of daily incidents, including harassment, discrimination, and assault, that were reported to Stop AAPI Hate in the United States. Stop AAPI Hate has created a report which covers the 3,795 reported incidents between March 2020 and February 2021. Research shows that 32% of Asian adults say they fear someone might threaten or physically attack them. While this report is US focused, anti-Asian and anti-Pacific Islander crimes are a global issue. Data in the U.K. shows a rise of 300% in hate crimes, and Australia has recorded over 500 incidents.

Udemy stands in solidarity with the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) communities and is joining in the fight to stop hate against these communities. We will use our platform to dismantle systemic bias and racism. We are committed to stopping violence against API, supporting our API employees, and working to ensure our products are representative of the API community. We are working to establish an API employee resource group and reviewing our products for opportunities to be more inclusive.

Udemy unequivocally stands against racism, bias, and white supremacy as they have no place in our business or our world. There are several ways to support the cause of dismantling these systems, including donations, spreading awareness, speaking up, and allyship. The resources below also provide educational insights and actionable steps to support the API community.

Support Resources

United States of America:


Asian Americans Advancing Justice


Hate Is a Virus

Human Rights Commission

Anti-Asian Racism


Asian Leaders Alliance

Association des jeunes Chinois de France

Asian Australian Alliance


Actionable Steps

  1. Raise Awareness. May marks the start of API Heritage Month. Take time to learn about the issues faced by members of the API communities globally and share knowledge in your communities.
  2. Speak Up. Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAJC) is hosting virtual bystander intervention trainings that will demonstrate how to support and be an ally.
  3. Check In. Reach out to your API friends, neighbors, and colleagues to show your support. Let them know you are thinking of them during these difficult times.

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