Interviewing at Udemy

We’re a quickly growing team of diverse movers and shakers. We’re looking for great candidates to join us on our mission to help anyone learn anything.


At Udemy, we place a high degree of importance on our interview process. We do this for a few reasons – not only because our people make Udemy what it is, but also because interviews are one of the few ways candidates can get an insight into how awesome it is to work here. We’re proud of our team, business and culture so we want to make sure we shine! Our candidates are also our customers – they are students learning on Udemy and/or instructors teaching on Udemy. We rarely talk with candidates who haven’t at least checked out one of our 25,000 courses. Additionally, an interview has become a very public process due to social media and sites like Glassdoor. So what are we doing to ensure a positive experience?

First of all, we try to make sure that the interview fits with candidates’ schedules. We know many candidates currently have jobs and it’s uncomfortable for them to have to take off multiple days to interview. Therefore, we try to have candidates come onsite once, or twice at maximum, and remain flexible with schedules throughout the entire process.

During the interview, we deliberately structure the discussion or coding exercise (and sometimes restructure on the fly) to make the candidate succeed. This doesn’t mean we always make an offer, but we always want candidates to leave feeling like they had an opportunity to do their best and that the outcome (either way) is fair. For example, we pay attention to candidates’ emotional states during the interviews and work to help them relax if they seem nervous (nobody can interview well if they’re a ball of nerves!). We train our interviewers to be cognizant of emotional states that may cause candidates to underperform, and remind them to put themselves in the interviewees’ shoes and remember how it feels to be interviewed.

Lastly, we know time is of the essence when it comes to getting back to candidates with a decision once the interview is complete. We believe that “candidates are like a fruit that may perish.” We’ve even been known to make offers on the spot to exceptional candidates (pending background and reference checks), and make sure we let everyone know whether it’s a pass or offer within 24-48 hours. Even if it isn’t a fit at the moment, we do keep many candidates in mind for potential future positions. Last year, we had six employees who we declined for the role they originally applied for, but then joined the team in different roles later on.


We find that by following these steps, we are able to evaluate candidates at their best, attract more employee referrals, and give an overall positive interviewing experience. Interested in interviewing to join the Udemy team? Check out all of our open positions here.