Interviewing at Udemy

As an ever-scaling organization spanning from Engineering to Sales, Recruiting to Customer Success, we’re always on the scout for superb candidates to join us on our vision to improve lives through learning!

The interview process at Udemy is well rounded, thoughtful and we do a lot of work to offer everyone a fair and equitable process at every stage. Our goal is for every candidate to thoroughly understand what a day in the life of that role would look like. We hope everyone leaves our interviews feeling invigorated and more excited than before they met us.

Our interview process is different depending on the team. Still, we invest in our people and ensure that their ability to assess candidates equitably and effectively for a given role is top-notch. After all, our people are the heart of Udemy, and if they are interviewing future Udemates, we want to fully equip them with the tools they need. We also have an incredible culture and work hard to maintain and build on it. During the interview process, we assess candidates on some of the key skills and behaviors that underpin our company values. We do this because we believe our people are the heart of Udemy, and that is what makes Udemy so special.

Our candidates are our customers too – both students who picked Udemy as their learning solution choice and instructors who have also selected Udemy as the platform to share knowledge and expertise with the world. We rarely talk with candidates who haven’t at least checked out one of our hundreds of thousands of courses. 

So what are we doing to ensure a positive experience? We collaborate with you to select a suitable date and time to schedule your interviews and are always flexible and accommodating around any challenges that may arise. Rescheduling is not an issue! We guarantee an experience that is personable and respectful of your time and always provide the opportunity for feedback via our candidate survey.

The recruitment team also supplies some light reading material in our confirmation emails to equip you with knowledge on Udemy, our rich history, and further information based on your interest, like our social pages and blogs

We provide a safe space for you to be at ease and comfortable to be your authentic self while demonstrating your skills and competencies relevant to the role. We have all been candidates once and remember how stressful, challenging, and empowering interviewing can be!

Specific to Engineering roles:

Our engineering panels are diverse in people who are rich in experience and knowledge. Engineers endure a stringent training plan consisting of training and shadowing before they take the reins on interviewing by themselves.

We’ve taken a lot of thought and continue to iterate on our interview practices and processes. We designed the technical portion of your interview to allow you to shine and share your skills as effectively as possible. Some teams use a digital whiteboard solution, some use HackerRank, and others provide on-the-spot problem-solving exercises. Remember that all of this is to help us understand how you problem solve and allow you to shine. Your recruiter can speak specifically to the technical challenge in your interview process. Just a fair warning, if we find a better solution for our interviews, we may change up the interview and give it a try!

Specific to Sales and Customer Success roles:

Given the fast-paced nature of Sales and Customer Success, our processes for these roles tend to move more briskly than in our other business areas. With that in mind, our team of recruiters is on hand to provide clarity, support, and expert advice in preparing you for your panels. We ensure all of our public information is consolidated in one single source of truth to guarantee you are comfortable and at ease ahead of time.

For these roles, there is always either a take-home exercise or presentation required to ascertain that we get the right person for the position. These briefs are provided well in advance, and we work with your schedule as best as possible. Our interviewers are fully engaged throughout the demonstration in respect of the time and effort that goes into these presentations. The recruiter will also reach out and assist you between each stage and throughout the process.

Lastly, we understand that time is of the essence once the interviews come to completion, so we believe that communication is vital here. We continuously loop you in on timelines. We hope that you’ll share your timelines with us as well! If you’re not selected to move forward in the process for a particular role, we truly hope you’ll stay in touch for future roles. We are passionate about learning, people, and doing the right thing, so we hope you have an extraordinary experience meeting with our teams!

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