We’re proud these organizations teach with us

Diversity and inclusion don’t happen on their own. They need good partners.  That’s why we’ve joined with organizations like Black Women Talk Tech and Blacks in Technology to bring new instructor voices to our course collection. While we believe online learning has been key to breaking down many barriers to quality education and changing the lives of learners around the world, many students and teachers are still underrepresented in the space. 

Over the past year, our Learning and Design team worked with members of these organizations to bring their courses to life. With our global reach, these instructors can bring their skills, experience, and passion to millions of potential learners around the globe:

Tech 101: Introduction to Working in Tech

Esosa Ighodaro, co-founder of Black Women Talk Tech, brings us a beginner’s guide to working for technology companies. In the course, you will learn how to develop the Tech Mindset and use the Lean Startup method to hack your working style to be more innovative and agile. You will develop an understanding of how to navigate the tech landscape and learn tech terms. You’ll also learn about some key tech trends, how tech companies are organized, and what it’s like to work at a tech company.

How to Write, Test, and Maintain a Business Continuity Plan

Diondria Holliman of Blacks in Technology created this practical course for you to understand how to be proactive so that your organization can continue to operate through a variety of threats — be it a health crisis, a natural disaster, or possibly a ransomware attack. Starting from the basics of what these plans are, then moving on to reviewing a real-world case study, and ultimately, creating your own plan. This is a valuable, hands-on training course that will benefit you and your organization for many years to come. 

We’re excited to continue to bring more new voices and instructor expertise to Udemy. We believe greater diversity in learning leads to greater diversity in the workplace. And we’ve seen in our own experience that more diverse workplaces make for a better, more equitable world.