Welcome our new VP of Content Grégory Boutté!

Udemy_VPContent_GregoryBouttePlease join us in welcoming Grégory Boutté to the Udemy team as our vice president of content! Grégory will be responsible for how we work with instructors to acquire great content and how we manage our library to deliver the best content to our students.

Grégory most recently was the chief revenue officer at Sidecar and also built and grew international and U.S. teams over 13 years at eBay. Our CEO Dennis Yang says, “Grégory truly understands what it takes to build out the supply side of a large-scale, international business and is very passionate about our mission of helping people fulfill their potential.”

Grégory chatted with us about his plans and expectations about his new role.

Q: Why did you choose to come to Udemy?
A: The companies that I dream of working for have certain characteristics, and Udemy checked the boxes for all of them. Something I always look for in a company is a bigger purpose that goes beyond just making revenue. I feel like if we deliver the numbers, we can make the world a better place. A second characteristic I look for is a product that I can use. While at eBay, I was a power buyer. At Sidecar I was a rider and driver. I like that Udemy allows me to use the product and tell my friends about it. Lastly, I wanted to work for a company with great business fundamentals in terms of growth, funding, and size of opportunity, all of which Udemy encompasses. Udemy has an amazing team, culture, and set of values.

Q: What are your priorities for your new role?
A: My priorities are meeting the team, meeting the customer, and setting business goals. I am spending most of my time getting to know the team, but meeting (and being) a customer is a high priority for me. I want to get on the phone with our students to find out about their experiences, as well as create a course myself to understand the processes our instructors go through. I am currently taking Complete Guitar System and SQL for Newbs. I want to explore and dig deeper into the Udemy interface.

Q: What gets you the most excited when thinking of Udemy?
A: The opportunity here is enormous. The vibe and energy in the teams gets me so excited. I feel Udemy is at a point where we have figured out how to make learning accessible for customers and have a good community of instructors, which I want to continue to grow over my time here.

In his free time Grégory enjoys spending time with his four children, surfing, and learning the guitar. We are excited to have Grégory share his years of experience at marketplace companies with Udemy, as well as his drive to see the company grow. Welcome, Grégory!