Udemy: The next generation

In honor of Father’s Day weekend, we’re paying tribute to a bunch of Udemy dudes who’ve become Udemy dads in the past year (or are counting down the days). Whether welcoming a first child or adding a new brother or sister to the family, all are likely in various stages of sleep deprivation. Please enjoy a dose of cute overload and join us in wishing a very happy Father’s Day to these great guys!

Cullen UdemyDoug Aspland, Director of North American Sales, Udemy for Business
Cullen Thomas Aspland made his adorable debut March 21, 2016.





OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAmeya Kulkarni, Manager of Product Management
Saanvi is Ameya and his wife’s first baby girl. She entered the world December 4, 2015, and “she has her singing (babbling) classes every day at 5:30am.”





Haj Matsukata, Account ManagerIMG_20160612_170255878
Koji arrived May 28, 2016, and is the Matsukata family’s second son. Dad says, “He has been a really good kid so far. I’m hoping it will stay this way…”





Alex Mozes, Director of Customer Support
Eleanor Jasper Mozes is Alex’s first child and the first new generation across all his cousins. She was born July 9, 2015, and Alex says, “We have no idea where her coppertop came from, but those eyes and smile are family heirlooms.”




Matt O’Dell, Senior Manager, Tech Vertical
Matt and his wife, Melissa, win the prize for newest baby! Amelia Ann O’Dell joined her parents just this past Wednesday (June 15) at 8:49am, clearly determined to be included in this blog post.




Dinesh Thiru, SVP, MarketingIMG_2675
Born September 6, 2015, Isaac Michael Thiru is the second kid in his family; Charlie the chocolate lab came first. Upon the recommendation of CEO Dennis Yang, Dinesh took this Udemy course and suggests other new parents check it out; “the instructor is an incredible baby whisperer.”




Frank babyFrank Visciano, VP of Growth
Frank won’t get the full Father’s Day treatment this year, but he and his wife are expecting a baby girl “somewhere in the vicinity of September 19.” Frank’s My Courses page on Udemy reflects his current life focus. “If all goes well,” he says, “I’ll have a flexible pregnant wife who gives birth to a well-behaved baby, who’s welcomed by our rambunctious puppy and sleeps through the night in the crib I’m building.”