Udemy summer interns are here!

Ah, summer… time to kick back, relax, and soak up the sun, right? Well, for the current batch of Udemy interns, this is a season for learning about the workplace and soaking up knowledge. We are so excited to have these bright, hungry minds in our office for the next ten weeks and look forward to their contributions. Let’s give them a big welcome!


Meet the Udemy interns: Alice Yan, Nadia Camacho, Brandon Dang, Tamara Zagorovskaya, Srishti Jain, Ese Uwhuba, and Aigerim Khafizova.

Nadia Camacho, Finance
San Francisco State University, Business Finance
Nadia expects to spend her internship getting insights into business and finance from the startup point-of-view and developing a solid network of professional contacts. She’d love to join a company like Udemy after she graduates next year. An East Bay native, Nadia plans to catch up with family and friends this summer while also checking out the many new restaurants that have opened up around town. Another personal goal: to take her grandmother to see the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time!

Brandon Dang, Content
UCLA, Business Economics
A Bay Area native, Brandon is looking forward to getting a feel for the different working parts of a company, especially a startup. He’s not sure what career path he’ll ultimately follow so a startup will be a good place for him to dip a toe into various disciplines and see what interests him most. His summer in SF is also a sort of test run for possibly moving back north after graduation. While he’s here, Brandon has plans to see a Giants game.

Srishti Jain, Corporate Marketing
Carnegie Mellon University, Economics/Statistics
Srishti grew up around startups in the Bay Area and is psyched to get a first-hand experience working at one herself. She hopes her internship with corporate marketing helps put her on the path toward a career in data analytics and decision science. In her free time this summer, she is on a quest to hit all of the hottest brunch places in the City, with SF’s iconic Foreign Cinema at the top of her list.

Aigerim Khafizova, Product
SUNY-Albany, Fulbright Program, Education Policy
Aigerim joins Udemy this summer to research international learning, specifically, comparing the perspectives of different learning cultures around the world. When she’s finished here, she plans to return to her native Kazakhstan and help innovate around education technology and youth empowerment in that region. Aigerim hopes to fit a lot of activity into her SF summer, including exploring nature and taking hikes in the beautiful Bay Area. She’s particularly excited to visit Muir Woods and see the giant redwoods.

Ese Uwhuba, Growth
University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School, Marketing Operations
During her Udemy internship, Ese will be beefing up her technical and data analysis skills. With no one else on the Growth team dedicated to data, she sees lots of opportunity to innovate and try new things (we love that!). She’s got one more year at Wharton and then envisions a career that involves strategy and analytics, possibly with a technology company or consulting firm. While in SF, she wants to bike the Golden Gate Bridge, go to a sporting event, and partake of our City’s plentiful brunch and coffee options.

Alice Yan, UX Design
University of Washington, Informatics/Human-Computer Interaction
Alice has a meaty project to dig into at Udemy this summer: redesigning our Support center. While doing that, she’s excited to get a close-up look at startup life and make some solid professional connections. She’s weighing whether to come back and work in SF after graduation or pursue an advanced degree. During her time here, she intends to visit every great coffee shop and brewery she can possibly get to.

Tamara Zagorovskaya, Udemy for Business
Harvard Business School
Tamara has set a big goal for her internship: to make a recommendation that will influence and shape Udemy for Business strategy going forward. Having switched her area of study from finance to education, she’s now working toward a career that will definitely involve e-learning, perhaps with a company solving the skills gap. A first-timer to the Bay Area, Tamara has lots on her summer to-do list, including a bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge, wine tasting, and running a 5K.