Udemy’s Professional Services help optimize learning programs and accelerate results

At Udemy, we’re dedicated to transforming lives through learning. We also understand that every organization has unique requirements when it comes to developing and executing effective learning programs. Specifically, L&D leaders have shared that their teams often face challenges in scaling learning initiatives within tight deadlines, keeping pace with evolving industry skills, and supporting business needs with limited resources.

To help organizations overcome these challenges, Udemy’s Professional Services offers a suite of expert-led solutions designed to maximize learning potential and achieve goals faster. Acting as an extension of your organization’s learning team, our experts provide the support, expertise, and guidance you need to overcome obstacles and drive success.

Rosie Bellavia, Senior Director of Professional Services, puts customers’ needs at the center of her team’s work: “Our Professional Services team optimizes your investment in Udemy through strategic alignment, creating experiences that bridge skill gaps and maximize your workforce’s potential. Our goal is to help you achieve your business objectives and drive impactful results for your organization and your employees.”

The impact of these services is evident in the results our customers have achieved. Here’s how our four service lines have helped organizations accelerate learning results:

  • Project managementThe design and execution of your program to achieve goals faster
    Our team works closely with organizations before, during, and after implementation to launch Udemy. We handle the details so the organization can focus on their core business objectives. Project management is great for organizations that have complex learning programs or need a seamless transition from a previous provider. 
    Organizations that utilize our project management services assign licenses to their employees faster, ensuring a swift rollout of their learning initiatives. For example, we seamlessly integrated over 8,000 learners into Udemy in fewer than 60 days at a global insurance company.
  • Learning architectureCollaboration with learning consultants to reach your goals efficiently
    Our learning consultants collaborate with organizations to assess their current L&D plans, create a tailored learning strategy, and validate its effectiveness. We provide the expertise they need to build a solid foundation for their learning initiatives. Learning architecture is ideal for organizations that want to achieve learning outcomes faster or define key objectives around learning.
    When our learning architecture team partnered with a leading global airline, they developed a robust leadership program focused on crucial conversations and leading through adversity. The program achieved an impressive 86% engagement rate among senior leaders, successfully reskilling them in these critical areas.
  • Content curationCurated learning paths to establish or improve your learning program
    We offer personalized learning path recommendations to deliver impact. Our experts curate content that aligns with an organization’s skilling goals, ensuring that their employees receive the most relevant and impactful training. Content curation is great for organizations that have a skilling need and want a clear path on how to achieve it.
    With over 5,000 content maps delivered, we’ve seen impressive results from our content curation customers. On average, in their first four months, these customers experienced a nearly 10% increase in learning minutes month-over-month. This has resulted in higher course completion rates and better skill acquisition among learners.
  • Learning program managementExtra admin support for your day-to-day needs
    Our dedicated learning program managers assist organizations with administrative tasks, user management, communication, and alignment with best practices, allowing their learning leaders to focus on the big picture. Learning program management is ideal for organizations that need to expand beyond their team’s limited resources.
    We’ve already seen this with a government agency that aimed to upskill their workforce, but struggled to create and deploy a scalable license allocation strategy. Since working with a learning program manager, they’ve seen a 56% recurring monthly increase in new users.

To learn more about how Udemy’s Professional Services can help organizations optimize their learning program and accelerate results, visit our new landing page.