Udemy kicks off Lunch Roulette

Udemy is quickly growing. Last year we tripled our employee count and as new folks continually join the team, we want to ensure everyone has ample opportunity to get to know each other well. Udemy has a Culture Club, which is a group of employee culture ambassadors who plan fun activities. They recently started a new tradition to allow employees to get some quality out-of-the-office time with their fellow Udemites. Enter Lunch Roulette.

Here’s how it works: once a month, we randomly assign team members to groups of around four people. One person is designated “The Foodie,” and is in charge of organizing the group and picking the venue to eat together. There’s only one rule: groups can’t just talk about work. They should use the meals to get to know each other on a more personal level.

Last Thursday was our very first outing. Employees ventured into the fresh San Francisco air to explore the awesome restaurants around SOMA…

FarmerBrown'sLittleSkilletAllie, Alex, Cara and Gokce enjoyed chicken and waffles at Farmer Brown’s Little Skillet.

SamovarBora, Chris and Sachi soaked up the sun on the roof of Samovar Tea Lounge.

OshaSoumya, Rachel, Amy, Nupoora and Adam went family style at Osha Thai.

Cansin, Ramya, David, Marcelo, Robbin, Sergey and Eliza played cards over grilled cheese sandos from The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen.

GarajeDan, Jen and Jonathan enjoyed tacos and zapatos from Garaje.

HRDMatthew and Burak made a new friend at HRD.