Udemy Joins The Digital Workforce Development Initiative (DWDI)

As part of our commitment to improving lives through learning, Udemy is proud to announce our role as founding education partner on the Digital Workforce Development Initiative (DWDI). The DWDI is a multi-city pilot program designed to support local economies by bringing the necessary tools for success in freelance and independent work to a more diverse population.

Launching in Memphis, Kansas City, Stockton, and Richmond, CA, the DWDI was created by Fiverr and also includes Samaschool, a nonprofit dedicated to equipping people to earn a living wage, in addition to Udemy. We’re excited to work together in the development and growth of entrepreneurship, independent work, and the skilled freelance economy.

Our shared goals are to grow and support the local independent economies of our pilot cities while demonstrating that freelance and independent work can be a sustainable, achievable, and rewarding career for many.

With programs beginning in the late Spring and stretching out over the summer, The DWDI is comprised of:

  • A specially-curated series of comprehensive courses covering every aspect of starting up and running your own business or consultancy, all available online via Udemy
  • Additional online master courses in specific skill sets popular in today’s freelance and services economy (i.e. graphic design, web development, video and audio editing, and more
  • Free in-person workshops, seminars, and networking events
  • Freelancer mentorship and onboarding programs with Fiverr for individuals who are just starting out as freelancers

To learn more about the program and the types of courses offered by Udemy as part of this initiative, visit the DWDI site.