Udemy #IRL

If your last week was anything like mine, it was a blur of “what day is it,” “Happy New Year to you too,” and “2019 is the year of _______.” It’s a classic case of trying to get back in the groove with fresh new goals while also nursing the holiday hangover.

The air is full of high hopes for becoming our best selves, both professionally and personally. But with the urge to be my best self comes a list of to-do’s, and to-do lists excite me far less than the idea of being 10 pounds lighter in six months or successfully playing a John Mayer song on the guitar. Too-long to-do lists are where New Year’s resolutions go to die.

That’s where Udemy #IRL comes in. In this new blog series, Udemy instructors will share their expertise and how to apply it… in real life. Think of it as our attempt to prevent well-intentioned plans from fading away as the calendar moves past January.  

Keep an eye out for posts stamped #IRL in the coming weeks; Udemy instructors will share tips to help you eat healthier, manage stress, spend wisely—you get the gist. In the meantime, here are a few instructors’ thoughts re: making resolutions and sticking to them. Best of luck to you; I’m off to Guitar Center.

How are you supposed to make new habits stick when you don’t even like them to begin with?

Gregory Caremans: Regardless of the habit you’re looking to introduce, begin with piggybacking off of something you enjoy. If the goal is to go to the gym more often, pick your favorite show and watch it when you’re there. Linking the activity to something you like will make it easier to stick after the first couple of weeks. Your brain will start associating the thing you have to do with the thing you like to do.

My resolutions never seem to stick for more than a month. How do I make sure I have the amazing year I’m trying to set myself up for?

Alexa Fischer: Resist the temptation to jam your January full of activities and instead take time to start thinking about your whole year. For example, if your mood plummets in the winter because it’s gray all the time and you know you will need a dose of sun, start saving for a vacation somewhere warm. It’s not as hard as you think; create the intentions for your year, start walking in that direction, and pretty soon you’ll find yourself on the beach in Hawaii smack dab in the middle of February.

So many people focus on their diet as a New Year’s resolution. What’s your biggest piece of advice for people trying to eat healthier in 2019?

Jenna Edwards: You’re building a new life habit, so don’t make it a pendulum swing in the opposite direction of your current way of life. Start small and be patient with yourself.

A year is a long time. How do I check in with myself?

Chris Haroun: Most people who create New Year’s resolutions give up on them before the end of January because they fail to set a deadline. Set aggressive near-term and long-term deadlines, as this forces accountability.

More #IRL posts coming soon to an internet browser near you.