Meet Udemy’s 2017 Interns, Part 3

This is the final installment of our series introducing Udemy’s summer interns, and we’re going international to wrap things up. That means showcasing the Dublin and Ankara offices. Again, big thanks to corporate marketing intern Maggie Troedson for doing all the legwork to help us get to know the Udemy intern class of 2017!

Camila Payne
Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Camila received her Higher Diploma in Computing from the Dublin Institute of Technology. Her favorite part of Udemy is the possibility to learn new things, and after Camila’s summer on Udemy’s engineering team, she plans to spend time vacationing in Spain. Atop her bucket list is riding in a hot air balloon in Cappadocia. (After looking up what this was, it’s at the top of my list also).



Diyala Erekat
Diyala joins Udemy’s channel team from Ankara’s own Haceteppe University, but she’s originally from Jerusalem. She plans to road trip along the Aegean Sea this summer and hopes to someday own a cat and live in Silicon Valley. Aside from the people, Diyala’s favorite aspect of Udemy is the office air conditioning. She compares the temperature inside the office versus outside to that of heaven and hell, respectively.

Ekin Dursun
Ekin joins Udemy’s payment team while pursuing his degree in Computer Engineering. His dream Udemy course is “How To Be A Great Legilimens,” something that probably is not taught at Middle East Technical University, where Ekin goes to school. Also similar to Diyala, his favorite part of Udemy is the people; more specifically, the motivation he gets after communicating with his colleagues and feeling the energy they exude.


Sinan Erdil
Like Ekin, Sinan also joins Udemy from Middle East Technical University but on the discovery search team. Outside of the workplace, Ekin plans to spend his summer improving his Japanese, as his goal is to live in Japan for six months or more at some point. Also similar to Ekin, Sinan’s favorite part of Udemy is the people (those Ankara employees certainly are likeable!).