Meet Udemy’s 2017 Interns, Part 2

Corporate marketing intern Maggie is back with more fun facts about her fellow interns (and a fun fact about intern beverage consumption habits if you read till the end!). Today’s post completes our group of SF-based interns; stay tuned for an intro to our Dublin and Ankara teams.

Lana Dann
University of California, Berkeley
A daily commuter from Berkeley via BART, one of the Bay Area’s public transit systems, Lana is determined to tackle the ultimate challenge of finding a seat before her summer at Udemy concludes. When Lana isn’t working on data pipelining for the data engineering team, she enjoys playing poker, preferably at a table occupied by her cats.




Madina Salahi
University of California, Davis
A recent graduate, Madina joins our customer experience team with a background in political science and sociology. Madina is excited to have moved back home to the Bay Area with her friends and family, and she looks forward to the rare (but existent!) hot San Francisco days on the beach.





Maggie Troedson
Indiana University
After four years in the Midwest, I am thrilled to be back in the Bay Area and working with the corporate marketing team at Udemy this summer. If I could pick one topic to take a Udemy course on, it would be “How To Train Your Voice To Sound Like John Oliver’s.” This summer, I’ll be exploring the city in pursuit of what will hopefully be my new neighborhood.




Meghan O’Connell
University of California, Berkeley
As a Cal student, Meghan is no stranger to San Francisco. However, she has yet to go on the Alcatraz night tour, something she hopes to do while living in the city this summer. Although she never wants to be elsewhere when working with our content business development team, Meghan’s dream Udemy course would cover teleportation how-to basics.  




Nayeli Ruiz
University of California, San Diego
Nayeli is spending her last undergraduate summer putting her cognitive science skills to work with our consumer marketing team. As a San Francisco newbie, she is most excited to see and cross the Golden Gate Bridge. She wishes there were a Udemy course on “How To Find The Perfect Dog For You.” And if there were, maybe she would have a puppy to cross the Golden Gate with.




Olivia Wong
College of Marin
Although Olivia has yet to declare her undergraduate major, she’s eager to be part of Udemy’s engineering team. This summer, she hopes to attend Corgi Con (in human form), make music, and spend time with her friends and family across the Bay in her hometown of Marin. She has her fingers crossed for the emergence of a “Beginner’s Hacky Sack” Udemy course.




Paige Finch, Brand
University of California, Berkeley
Although she studies linguistics at school, Paige is excited to join Udemy’s video team this summer. Paige has loved video production since she discovered the power of self-made YouTube music videos when she was 15 and growing up in Knoxville, TN. Her SF summer bucket list item? Three words: ice cream rolls.




Rohit Ramchandani, Consumer Marketing
Rohit plans on never having a dull moment this summer. Outside of Udemy hours, he hopes to travel up and down the West Coast. After experiencing a spike in his blood pressure, due to the challenges of IKEA product assembly, Rohit hopes to take a Udemy course on designing and building wooden furniture.




Victor Harris
University of San Francisco
Originally from the Lone Star State, Victor joins Udemy to help the legal team with European Union law compliance. Although he plans on exploring the outdoors with his dog Moose in tow, Victor puts a visit to indoor climbing gym Planet Granite atop his SF summer bucket list, followed by growing a full beard. He secretly hopes a new Udemy course is published to help him with the latter.




Yoohyun Choi
University of California, Berkeley
Yoohyun joins the business development team to help research and source new users through strategic international partnerships. While she is focused on Udemy business development, Yoohyun hopes someone else is focused on creating a Udemy course titled, “Conversation Topics for When You Say Goodbye To Someone Then Walk in the Same Direction.”




And, finally, the answer to a burning question: