April 22, 2016: Friday news roundup

Hey, it’s Friday! Got big plans for the weekend?

Scale up your CV through digital learning
First up, read our CEO Dennis Yang’s advice to working adults in India looking to get (and stay) ahead in their careers.

After years of intensive analysis, Google discovers the key to good teamwork is being nice
So much of our work these days requires cross-team collaboration, sometimes even among people in different locations. While you might think the most important success factor is who’s on your team, Google found, as the headline says, being respectful and considerate of others is the real “magic formula.”

The average 29-year-old
We’re all guilty to some extent of generalizing when we talk about Baby Boomers or millennials or twenty-somethings. This article, with data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dispels many popular assumptions to show that “most people born between the early 1980s and late 1990s (a) didn’t graduate from college, (b) aren’t living in a city, and (c) generally hate being called ‘millennials.’”

Greater competition for college places means higher anxiety too
Just the latest dispatch from the crazy world of higher ed, where would-be students are applying to more schools with the help of the Common Application and schools are celebrating “their record-setting applicant pools.” The sad underlying truth is that high school seniors are just playing a numbers game, trying to up their chances of being accepted anywhere at all.

How to avoid extinction in today’s business world
Yvonne Wassenaar is the CIO of software analytics company New Relic, and she shared some words of wisdom at the Girls in Tech Catalyst conference. Here are some highlights, such as how women can overcome the fear of failing and not being perfect.