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Announcing Udemy Notes

Remember those spiral notebooks you accumulated all through your years of school? Or those thick binders stuffed with loose-leaf paper and covered in notes? Maybe you’re in school today and notes fill folders and files on your laptop.

Turns out, all of those notes serve a very specific purpose in our lives. Many research studies have found that taking notes is one of the most effective ways that our brains learn.

In fact, various researchers have even found that if important information is noted, it has a 34% chance of being remembered.

With all of this in mind, today we’re launching Notes, a new note-taking feature in the Udemy mobile app and on the Udemy website!

We’re Here to Help You Find Your A-Ha Moments

Notes takes the bookmark feature that you know and love and expands upon it to help you find your “a-ha” moments with ease, and ultimately reach your learning goals.

Built on our bookmark feature, Notes gives you more text, in more places, with more ways to find what you’re looking for — all without leaving the Udemy learning experience you already know — whether you’re using the mobile app or Here’s how it works:

  • Have an idea, insight, or question while watching a lecture? Simply click the “note” icon on the website, or on the mobile app, and click the notes tab under “more”
  • Once there, you can type up to 1,000 characters and style your notes with bold, italics, bullets, and code notation
  • Now that you’ve captured it and want to find it again? Just navigate to the “notes” tab and you can filter by lecture and recency
  • Your notes are private and readable only by you — they will even sync between mobile and online, so you can pick up wherever you left off
  • If you just want to bookmark something, click the “add note” button and it’ll drop a note right where you need it — label it with as much or as little text as you want

With the new notes feature, you’ll remember more of what you’ve learned, without having to open a new app or scramble for a notebook. It’s just another way we’re helping you to learn on Udemy.

So, open up your favorite course and give it a try today!