A Udemy LIVE Full of Udemy LOVE

Summer intern Jen Neary wrote this Udemy LIVE recap for us. Thanks, Jen!

This past weekend was our third annual Udemy LIVE here in San Francisco, but it was my very first! Along with the rest of the company, I have been eagerly awaiting this weekend, and, let me tell you, it did not disappoint. With over 200 Udemy instructors joining us from 25 countries, we knew that a large, diverse group would be coming together as a Udemy community. What I didn’t know was just how passionate each of our instructors is about Udemy, and how invested they are in continuing to improve their courses, both for themselves and their students.

The excitement kicked off Friday evening with a reception at our headquarters, followed by a VIP dinner. Our instructors got a better sense of who we are after chit-chatting over cocktails, and we got a better sense of who our instructors are after hearing their reasons for attending the event. I made a point to ask each of the instructors I met what they were hoping to get out of the weekend, and most agreed they wanted to learn from their fellow instructors. I liked that.

Award-winning instructors

I found it fascinating to hear where different instructors are in their journey of publishing courses on Udemy, and I got the opportunity to talk to some who’ve left full-time jobs to teach on Udemy for a living. I also spoke with instructors who have not yet published their courses but were hoping to get that last push at Udemy LIVE.

One highlight of the weekend was the instructor panel on Saturday morning, where popular instructors Chris Haroun, Rob Percival, Kirill Eremenko, and Joeel and Natalie Rivera shared their course-marketing techniques. They explained what worked for them (and what didn’t) when it came time to get the word out about their courses, and their candid, detailed advice was extremely useful to other instructors aspiring to the same levels of success. At the end of the weekend, multiple instructors told me this panel was their favorite, though they had a hard time choosing just one!

From inspiring keynote presentations to hands-on breakout sessions to instructor coaching sessions (not to mention a whole lot of fun), our schedules were pretty jam-packed. We managed to throw in a few surprises as well. For example, there was lots of buzz and excitement after we unveiled a new analytics product that will deliver deeper insights to instructors about their students, which they can use to decide how best to market to their target audiences and what courses they should teach next, among other things.

Udemy CEO Kevin H. Johnson welcomes attendees.

The weekend had its share of warm-hearted moments, too. At our student panel, for example, one participant, after describing how Clare Lynch’s writing courses have helped him, recognized Clare in the audience and was pretty thrilled to meet her in person for the first time! Speaking for the rest of the Udemy interns, we were all rather psyched to attend Udemy LIVE and meet some of our favorite instructors and thank them.

All in all, Udemy instructors left the event inspired, invigorated and ready to get back to work on their courses. Udemy employees left the event feeling grateful we got to spend quality time with such a thoughtful and hard-working group of instructors. Let’s keep on chugging!