Udemy for Business releases corporate training survey findings

Jobs are rapidly changing but employee training and onboarding programs have not kept up with the demands of the modernworkplace. Today Udemy for Business released the results of a recent survey aimed at uncovering insight into this training gap and its impact on businesses and employees.

The survey polled 175 HR leaders about their employees’ skills and current training programs. The key finding: 71 percent of HR professionals acknowledge that their employees do not have the skills they need to perform their jobs, yet more than half of the companies surveyed are spending less than $500 a year per employee on training.

Other findings reveal that today’s corporate training programs are:

  • Outdated – In spite of HR decision makers feeling like employees didn’t have all the right skills they needed to do their jobs, only 15 percent of training programs were established or updated in the past year. Fifty-one percent were built inthe last five years, and a third of respondents weren’t sure when training programs were built.
  • Limited – Sixty-eight percent of companies rely solely on on-the-job training for onboarding.
  • Narrow – Seventy-two percent of respondents admitted they are only providing training that is directly related to employees’ roles.
  • Unclear – Of the companies lacking a formal onboarding process, 67 percent aren’t sure if they will be implementing one next year.

Despite acknowledging the skills gap, organizations aren’t training to close it. C-suites and HR decision makers must prioritize training and allocate sufficient resources to successfully scale their workforce. To gain competitive edge and excel, corporate training programs must reflect the current demands and expectations of employees’ skills.

For more on the news, read the full press release. Download and view the full report “At the breaking point – the state of corporate training programs in America” here.

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