Udemy for Business announces new customers and platform growth

It is clear that online training is vital for successful company growth and scaling. Today Udemy for Business, Udemy’s corporate learning platform, announced some major momentum, including signing on new customers Esri, Lyft and Mixpanel. Our Udemy for Business customer count has quadrupled in the past year, and has grown an average of 172 percent quarter-over-quarter since inception.

But that’s not all! To date, the Udemy for Business subscription has tripled its course library to 1,000 total courses. We’ve added a significant bundle of new courses necessary for sales, technology and management skills development. Additionally, the team launched the HR Innovators event series, which has brought together more than 600 HR leaders around the Bay Area.

We’re excited to see this momentum continue as more companies realize the critical need to provide their employees with access to skills training to stay up-to-speed and competitive!

You can read the full news release here. Please email [email protected] for more information on the Udemy for Business offering or HR Innovators events.