HR Industry Snapshot: Investing in learning and development is a top priority for HR leaders in 2016


Seismic shifts in technology, management, and globalization have dramatically changed how we work. McKinsey & Company analysts estimated a 5X increase in the number of skill sets required in the workforce from 2009 to 2012.

Udemy for Business recently conducted a survey to better understand how the people responsible for recruiting, training, and retaining employees are navigating these dynamic times. We asked 200 HR leaders what qualities they value most during the recruiting process, what they consider to be the biggest factor in retaining employees, and what their department’s focus is for 2016.

The responses have been compiled into an HR Industry Snapshot, and the key insights reveal:

A changing face of recruitment

  • Only 20% of respondents say that “experience” is the most important factor in the recruitment process.
  • “Cultural fit” (37%) narrowly outweighs “skillset” (29%) as the most valued by HR during the recruitment process.

Retention takes more than free lunch

  • 60% percent of respondents report “employee fulfillment/engagement” as the most important factor in retaining employees, compared to a mere 3.5% who say “perks.”
  • Only 15% cite “compensation” as the biggest factor in employee retention.

Learning and development in focus

  • 35% of HR leaders report that “learning and development” will be the main focus for their departments in 2016, followed by “creating a better culture,” “recruitment,” and “benefits and compensation” respectively.

Download the full report here.