Develop a culture of learning

The Learning team at Udemy, a leading online learning platform, shares their approach to workforce development and skill-building to sustain careers and companies for decades.

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The Upskilling Imperative: 5 Ways to make learning core to the way we work

In The Upskilling Imperative, Udemy’s Learning Team provides a roadmap to gaining knowledge that’s more effective for both individual employees and organizations. If you’re a leader, you can implement the five main components of a learning culture—and start closing that frustrating skills gap. If you’re an overwhelmed manager, you’ll become more comfortable getting employees ready for rapid change. If you’re a team leader, you’ll discover how to encourage direct reports to embrace learning to improve performance. This evolved mindset can make the inevitable next workplace upheaval or technology something to learn from and even look forward to—instead of something to dread.

In a workplace with five generations, there’s one skill that’s important no matter your age: continuous learning. The Upskilling Imperative is a road map for anyone who wants to build learning into the flow of work, foster growth throughout every stage of an employee’s career, and ultimately use continuous upskilling as a competitive advantage.

Chip Conley
Airbnb strategic advisor for hospitality & leadership,
Modern Elder Academy Founder

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