NEEF launches extreme weather course on Udemy

The National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF), a nonprofit and national leader in lifelong environmental learning, today announced the launch of their Udemy course on climate change and extreme weather.

According to NEEF, “In 2014, the United States experienced eight weather and climate disasters with losses exceeding one billion dollars each.” The free course, Extreme Weather 101, educates Americans on the real environmental challenges of our time. Through videos, quizzes and toolkits, students learn the basics of how climate change is impacting extreme weather, as well as information on how to safely prepare for these events. We’re thrilled to support NEEF in their mission to connect people to knowledge they use to improve the quality of their lives and the health of the planet.

NEEF received a $2,500 grant through Udemy’s Social Innovation program to create this course. For more information on the program, please email [email protected]. To learn more about Extreme Weather 101, view the full course announcement here.