Udemy Releases Global Top In-Demand Skills Research in June Workplace Learning Index

Udemy, a leading destination for learning and teaching online, today released the “June 2021 Workplace Learning Skills Index,” which identifies the most in-demand skills consumed by organizations globally in June. With access to workplace learning activity generated by learners on Udemy’s corporate product, Udemy Business, Udemy is well positioned to identify skills as they gain momentum, and provide timely courses employees need to stay ahead of the curve.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has permanently changed the work landscape and it’s become vital for employees and organizations alike to understand what’s coming next,” said Cara Brennan Allamano, SVP of People, Places, and Learning at Udemy. “By analyzing the most in-demand skills in the constantly evolving workplace, organizations can identify potential skills gaps within their teams, grow, and develop their employees, and continue to innovate and remain competitive. Our dynamic marketplace provides us with early indicators of trending and emerging skills and allows us to offer fresh, in-demand courses.”

June’s learning index analyzes the skills employees are learning, with data driven by thousands of Udemy Business customers globally. The index identified the top surging technical skills, like Helm (1,222% increase in consumption) and Informatica PowerCenter (513%), as well as in-demand business skills like Talent Management (76%) and Personal Networking (44%). Additionally, Udemy identified surging skills geographically, helping global businesses understand the emerging and critical skills within individual markets.

As countries around the world face varying levels of crisis, reopening, and change, Udemy found that the skills employees need to successfully navigate shifting landscapes differ significantly by region. For example, in the United States, organizations gravitated towards Coaching skills (245%), while courses on Communication skills surged in Japan (433%) and Mexico (73%). This level of detail enables organizations to personalize learning and development programs and better maximize team growth.

“The workplace today requires emotionally intelligent people managers who can effectively coach and develop their staff,” said Marie Deveaux, Udemy Coaching and Leadership instructor. “Coaching is one of the few skills that focuses on self-awareness as its anchor and prioritizes active listening, non-judgmental reflection, and psychological safety in order to be most effective — all things that workers have been craving after 18 months in a global pandemic.”

In addition to the in-demand skills analysis, employee learning activity indicated:

  • Top skills that surged in the United States were Helm (930%), Databricks (414%), and Coaching (245%)
  • 90% increase in Interpersonal Feedback course consumption in the Retail industry
  • 135% increase in Robotic Process Automation course consumption in the Financial Services industry
  • 110% increase in Management Skills course consumption in South Korea
  • 66% increase in Emotional Intelligence course consumption in Australia
  • 44% increase in Slack Communication course consumption overall
  • 40% increase in Empowerment course consumption overall


The 2021 June Workplace Learning Skills Index is based on data from the learning behavior of thousands of companies across the globe using the Udemy Business platform. Skills data compares the consumption of courses in the Udemy Business collection from May 2021 to June 2021. All courses are associated with topics, with each course having up to five topics. These topics are what you see as the trending skills within the report. For courses with multiple topics, consumption minutes are divided equally across all topics associated with those courses.

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