Udemy Partners with Google Cloud as Inaugural Member of its New Cloud Endorsed Content Program

Partnership seeks to meet the growing demand and upskilling requirements for millions of cloud computing professionals worldwide

SAN FRANCISCO –– November 16, 2023 –– Udemy (Nasdaq: UDMY), a leading online skills marketplace and learning platform, today announced a new partnership with Google Cloud, joining their new Google Cloud Endorsed Content Program. Through this program, Google Cloud will endorse high-quality Udemy content that current and aspiring cloud professionals can trust to learn more about Google Cloud emerging technologies such as generative AI and prepare for future certification exams. This new Google Cloud Endorsed Content adds to a growing portfolio of Google Cloud training available on Udemy. Additionally, select Udemy instructors will be invited to preview new products and features coming to Google Cloud, allowing them to provide learners with fresh, relevant content the moment a new capability becomes available. This supports Udemy’s commitment to ensuring its content is keeping pace with the rate of technology changes in the marketplace. These new courses will be easily identifiable via Google Cloud Endorsed badges and will be featured on Udemy’s dedicated, Google Cloud Endorsement page.

“Today, we’re at the forefront of the next digital revolution, and as a result, there’s a critical need for skilled professionals who are well-versed in tools like Google Cloud to help their organizations modernize and take full advantage of all that AI-powered cloud computing platforms have to offer,” said Greg Brown, President and CEO at Udemy. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with an iconic technology leader that’s been at the cutting edge of innovation for more than two decades, so that together, we can help train the next generation of cloud computing professionals.”

With demand for cloud computing skills on the rise, Udemy currently offers more than 430 dedicated Google Cloud courses with nearly 500,000 enrollments over the past 12 months. Additionally, as it is becoming an increasing priority for organizations and professionals to understand generative AI, Udemy has seen increased interest in the 124 Google Bard courses available on its platform with more than 73,000 course enrollments since its launch in March 2023. Further, in Udemy’s recently published 2024 Global Learning & Skills Trends Report, Google Cloud’s Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer certification was noted as one of the most in-demand technical skills for 2024 with a 1,454% growth in course consumption over the past year alone.

As companies increasingly prioritize adoption of skills-based practices, it is critical that they have access to the freshest content available to support certification preparation so professionals can not only acquire new skills, but also validate them and demonstrate mastery to their employers. Udemy’s learning platform does just that and also recently introduced an Integrated Skills Framework earlier this year which provides organizations with a roadmap to help them understand and more easily navigate the fundamental components of a skills-based approach to learning. This approach, coupled with endorsement by Google Cloud, provides learners and organizations with confidence that they are accessing the most current, high quality Google Cloud certification preparation available.

In the initial phase of the pilot program, Google Cloud will be focused on endorsing generative AI courses––beginning with courses from world-renowned Udemy instructors Jose Portilla and Ranga Karanam––with plans to review and endorse additional content related to Google Cloud certification preparation, data analytics, developer content and infrastructure and networking capabilities in the coming months.

“We are thrilled to announce Google Cloud Learning Services’ collaboration with Udemy to bring learners cutting-edge cloud computing and generative AI courses from industry experts like Jose Portilla and Ranga Karanam,” said Natalie Van Kleef, Head of the Current & Future Technologists organization in Google Cloud Learning Services. “This exciting partnership will empower developers to gain the skills and knowledge they need to become confident in these new technologies as generative AI continues to shape the future of work.”

To learn more about Google Cloud Endorsed Udemy courses, visit: business.udemy.com/google-endorsed-content/.

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