Udemy Celebrates Global Reach and Impact of Instructors with Documentary-Style Video

SAN FRANCISCO –– October 19, 2023 –– Udemy (NASDAQ: UDMY), a company dedicated to improving lives through learning, has launched a new mini documentary-style video that through the story of Udemy instructor Chris Haroun and learner Vital Nsengiyumva, highlights the global reach and impact of the instructors on its platform and the invaluable contributions they make to Udemy’s vibrant skills marketplace and corporate learning solutions. These industry practitioners, academic faculty and creators share their knowledge and teach through the Udemy platform, helping to democratize access to learning and skills for individuals, professionals and organizations alike at massive scale.

“More than 64 million learners seek out Udemy’s platform to help them learn new skills–whether they’re looking to make a major career pivot or simply in search of a new hobby–and we’re grateful to our instructors for the fresh and relevant content they supply to help make this possible,” said Greg Brown, President and CEO at Udemy. “Chris and Vital’s story serves as a powerful example of the life-changing impact that affordable access to education and a strong sense of community can provide. As we enter into a new era marked by rapid technological advancements and the shift toward a skills-based economy, this sense of community and access to ongoing education remains critical as it unlocks economic mobility for millions of people who historically have been overlooked.”

Connecting instructors with a global audience of learners

Chris Haroun, one of the highest-rated instructors on Udemy, has influenced more than 1.3 million learners worldwide and has made more than $5 million through his courses. In 2019, Haroun met one of his learners, Vital Nsengiyumva, at a Udemy event and discovered their shared passion for education. They soon partnered to launch Project Magu, an effort to build a school in Vital’s hometown in Rwanda.

“We are in a race to find effective solutions to society’s core problems through a powerful combination of education and technology,” said Haroun, also the CEO and founder of Haroun Education Ventures®. “Access to learning opportunities is a fundamental right and I’m proud to work with Udemy and Vital on improving lives through learning every day.”

Udemy is awarding Project Magu a special grant to ensure its continued success. Read more about Haroun and Nsengiyumva’s collaboration and view a new documentary video about the opening of Project Magu’s first school in Rwanda.

Do you have something to say and want to share your knowledge with the world?

For those interested in joining the Udemy creator economy, sharing their skills online and monetizing a global audience, Haroun provides five tips for succeeding as a Udemy instructor:

  1. Identify your passion. Start by recognizing the subjects you excel in professionally or personally. Udemy also provides a Marketplace Insights tool and a quarterly Workplace Learning Index that highlight skills in demand.
  2. Know your audience. Determine who your content is most suitable for as courses tailored to a specific audience and skills are more engaging. Defining your target learner will enable you to hone in on relevant and targeted content.
  3. Share knowledge in a variety of formats. People learn differently, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach to teaching. On the Udemy platform, instructors have control of their own content and can update it based on learner preferences. Empowering learners with objectives, practice activities and assessments optimizes the learning experience.
  4. Network with instructors and learners. Knowledge sharing can give you a competitive edge in your industry, enabling you to get inspired and think out of the box. Build a community of trusted partners, mentors and mentees to continue growing.
  5. Never stop learning. As an instructor, it is important to continuously update skillsets, explore new teaching strategies and evolve alongside the ever-changing corporate landscape.

Udemy instructors have created more than 210,000 courses across a variety of technical, professional and personal development topics, helping to uphold the company’s commitment to improve lives through learning on a global scale.

About Udemy
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