Introducing Udemy for Apple TV


By Rob Wong

We’re excited to announce that Udemy courses are now available on Apple TV. Students love the flexibility and convenience of learning through Udemy. Our self-paced, on-demand courses  let students fit productive learning time into their busy schedules, on web or mobile devices. Now we’ve got another way to incorporate Udemy courses into your routine–by transforming your living room into an immersive learning environment.

Dive right in and continue learning with  courses you’ve already enrolled in. Lean back to watch the latest developments in astronomy with your family. Or invite your yoga instructor into your living room as you practice your poses.  

Explore new content from curated selections or search thousands of courses. With recommended content to guide you, discover new Udemy courses that fit your lifestyle. Your favorite content in health and fitness, academia, music, dance, and more can now be taken through the convenience of Apple TV,  in the morning before work or after dinner while you’re relaxing –anytime.

If you code along with the instructor or enjoy taking notes, no more balancing an iPad and a laptop or constantly switching tabs in a browser. View the course on your TV and use your mobile device or laptop to follow along.

Getting started is easy. Existing Udemy mobile users can simply sign into their account with one tap on their mobile device and be automatically signed in on Apple TV too.

Whether you’re designing a mobile app or perfecting your watercolor painting, we’re committed to helping you learn anytime, anywhere and make learning fit your lifestyle: at your desk, on-the-go, and now even in your living room!

Find Udemy in the Education category on the Apple TV App store.

Rob Wong is VP of Product at Udemy.