Embracing the power of experiential learning through Talentbuddy acquisition

We’re constantly exploring new ways to help people learn on Udemy. Many of our students — particularly those enrolled in programming courses, our most popular category — crave more hands-on interaction to support their absorption of new information. And we know experiential learning can be a powerful force in helping students reach their goals when woven seamlessly into the course-taking experience.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Udemy has acquired Talentbuddy in order to accelerate the integration of coding exercises into the Udemy experience and strengthen our experiential learning capabilities. Talentbuddy’s interactive learn-to-code platform has already been used by 45,000 developers to improve their ability to solve problems, build applications, advance their careers, and get new jobs. The Talentbuddy founders, Octav Druta and Andrei Soare, will join us as Udemy employees.

This acquisition is especially great news for Udemy’s community of instructors, who will be able to offer even more engaging, hands-on practice to their students. We know these types of tools enable instructors to better communicate course material, which can lead to better student outcomes.

Introducing tools to enable experiential learning lets instructors get creative with their course material, and find the right blend of video content and hands-on exercises to ensure students master the material as they go. Students can easily share code on sites like GitHub where prospective employers or clients could see it too. This provides ample opportunity for feedback, so students go beyond just absorbing content and are actively engaged in applying what they’ve learned.

The Talentbuddy team is eager to apply their knowledge and expertise on a large, global scale at Udemy. Together, we share a vision for the future of learning where anyone can build the lives and careers they imagine for themselves. Talentbuddy hasn’t just been building products the last few years; they’ve been working with actual students to understand their needs and have gained an intuitive sense about what enables aspiring programmers to reach their goals. They’re focused on students and their learning, just like us.

As Udemy’s first acquisition, this is an important milestone on our path to building a richer experience for our 10 million students worldwide. As our community grows, we’ll continue to pursue opportunities that help us evolve our platform, ensuring students learn what they set out to achieve, and translate their hard-won skills into career opportunities. Our mission is highly ambitious by design. Employers are grappling with finding qualified candidates and would-be workers are struggling to prepare themselves for the tech-driven jobs of tomorrow. We believe access to learning that matches the pace of our world can close the global skills gap and facilitate upward mobility for people everywhere.