One-third of US, UK workers not confident in their skills, survey finds

Younger employees may be especially susceptible to a lack of confidence in the workplace. Research shows members of Gen Z are confident in both their tech knowledge and readiness to innovate, but not as sure of their readiness to join the world of work. Also, the lack of employee confidence revealed by Docebo isn’t just directed inward: only 45% of workers in a 2017 Willis Towers Watson survey said they have trust and confidence in their company’s senior leadership.

Confidence may be related to employee training, which other surveys have shown is a top priority for workers. A majority of employees in a Udemy survey said they’ve already needed to upskill, or anticipate needing to in the near future. Workers, in other surveys, say they’re ready to train for digitization in the workforce, but report their companies are dragging their feet.

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