Career Experts from The Muse Launch Course to Set Udemy Students Up For Success

We are really excited to share this news! The first course from the career experts at The Muse is up and running, and it’s one that many Udemy students are going to want to enroll in pronto. To tell you more about it, we did an email Q&A with Kathryn Minshew, co-founder and CEO of The Muse.

Tell us a little bit about the new course and what students can look forward to learning.
I can’t emphasize enough how excited I am about “The Ultimate Job Search Course”! It’s essentially a compilation of the best job search advice we’ve shared on The Muse from the very beginning, neatly packed into a 90-minute video. So students will learn the basics, like building a resume that tells their story and highlights their strengths, as well as writing a cover letter that hiring managers will actually read. But perhaps the best part is that it starts by helping people identify their career values and goals, which then helps them better pinpoint the right roles, companies, and strategies.

The course is designed for people who have a job but maybe feel stuck and want to get more out of their work than they’re currently getting. And they’re not just looking to fill a chair; they want a role where they can truly grow, at a company where they can genuinely be happy. It’s also a great course for people who have been applying to job after job and aren’t quite getting the results they want, either because their strategy isn’t the most effective or they’re not targeting positions they’re actually excited about.

Why did The Muse choose Udemy to host this course?
At The Muse, we believe that being happy in your career is a real possibility, so we knew we needed to partner with a platform that mirrored that belief and our values as a company. Udemy is about enriching lives through learning and helping people achieve their goals by developing new skills—a mission that aligns with our hope to make the job search a tiny bit easier for people by giving them the tools they need to succeed.

What’s the most important thing you want students to learn from this course?
Confidence. Not only in themselves, but in the job search and their ability to get themselves where they want to be with the tools and the tactics they learn in the course. All in all, that means staying true to their career goals and values, taking the time to research and identify the right roles at the right companies, feeling empowered to reach out to people in their network who might be able to help them, and knowing how to tell their story and strategize their search effectively.

How does this course fit in with the mission of The Muse?
We want to be a trusted resource for people as they navigate the world of work in search of career satisfaction. The way we see it, in order to find a job that is far more than “that thing you do from 9 to 5 every day,” you have to know what you want (both in life and in a career) and how to get it. This course walks people through that process, setting them on the right path and getting them one step closer to what they’re looking for.

What is one of the “new rules of work” you really want job seekers to internalize?
Quality over quantity. And this applies to so many parts of the job search—from finding opportunities and openings that will be the best fit, to tailoring your application.
Keep tabs on companies you admire and would love to work for, ask around within your network (think e-introductions and informational interviews), research job openings online, use your social networks. Once you find what you’re looking for, take the time to tailor your resume and cover letter. Yes, this requires effort, but remember: You’re not doing this for hundreds of applications; you’re doing it for a select few that you’re genuinely interested in—and it’s much more effective in the long run. (And if this seems like a lot of info for a quick interview, check out the class; that’s what it’s there for!)

What’s a common thing you see job hunters doing that’s a career killer?
The opposite of quality over quantity! Sticking to traditional job boards with minimal information about the role and company, and blindly applying to as many jobs as possible using the same resume and cover letter will only get you so far—which is not very far at all.

You get out of the job search what you put into it.

Any thoughts on the skills gap and online learning?
Everyone has skill gaps! There are so many types of jobs out there—can you imagine being uniquely qualified for every single one? There’s absolutely no reason to let not having a certain skill or lacking experience in a specific area hold you back. We’re so lucky to live in an age where we have access to information literally at our fingertips, and online learning is an amazing way to learn new skills on your own time and use them to pursue new opportunities.

A good exercise here is to write down a list of gaps or areas where you’d like to improve your expertise, and prioritize them based on your career plans. Then, either reach out to people you know who might be willing to share some good tips for getting started or get online and start learning!

Set yourself up for career success by enrolling in “The Ultimate Job Search Course” now!