October 2, 2015: Friday news roundup

Can’t believe it’s October already! Hope your month is off to a good start. And now to the news…  

Why do employers expect more of entry-level employees than ever before?
Gone are the days of a gradual ramp-up when you start a new job. Even employees fresh out of school find themselves in the hot seat from day one, expected to “learn on the fly” and make meaningful contributions immediately. That’s a lot of stress for young adults who’ve barely acclimated to their post-grad lives, let alone the demands of a first job.

Is college worth the cost? Many recent graduates don’t think so.
The price tag keeps going up, yet the return on investment seems to be going down. That’s what most recent grads think anyway. A new Gallup poll found that “Just 38 percent of students who have graduated college in the past decade strongly agree that their higher education was worth the cost.” And it drops lower for those carrying student debt.

What’s holding women back in the workplace?
LeanIn.org and McKinsey partnered on a new survey that yielded some interesting results. While many blame the glass ceiling for the dearth of female executives in corporate leadership positions, it turns out most women aren’t even interested in those top jobs, nor do they feel like gender has prevented them from moving up.

Future millennial CEOs: Keep these career lessons in mind
If you’re looking for career advice, no one would blame you for seeking out the rockstars of the business world — Elon Musk, Sheryl Sandberg et al. But those stories, while impressive and inspiring, aren’t actually that relevant for typical workers early in their careers. This author has some advice more suited to those just starting on their journeys.

Meet Udemy, the online marketplace for education
We always like to end the week with some great media coverage of Udemy! Our CEO Dennis Yang talked about the state of online education on “Bloomberg West” and was part of a USA Today podcast that touched on a whole slew of business and tech topics.