June 30, 2017: Friday News Roundup

Another weekend, another occasion to celebrate: July 4th! Here in San Francisco, our famous fog often gets in the way of the city’s fireworks display, but that doesn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm. We’re also enthused about this week’s roundup of interesting articles, so let’s do it.

It Had Us At “Hello”: The iPhone Turns 10
Happy birthday to the iPhone! It’s hard to imagine a time before the ubiquitous gadgets came on the scene and changed our lives forever. Various media outlets covered the big anniversary and used the occasion to examine the ways the iPhone has impacted culture and society, what tech reviewers thought about it at the time, and how Apple can maintain its dominance in the smartphone space.

A New Kind of Tech Job Emphasizes Skills, Not a College Degree
This headline really caught our eye. We are firm believers that college degrees, while valuable, aren’t the only signals of someone’s skills and abilities. And we’re happy to see some companies recognize this too, seeking out job candidates based on what they can do and not simply where they went to school.

Why You Should Tell Your Team to Take a Break and Go Outside
Summertime isn’t going to last forever, folks! If you’re lucky enough to work near a park or other green, open space, get out there and enjoy. It can enhance your mental and physical well-being, thereby boosting your performance back in the office. And if you’re stuck in a concrete jungle, office plants and even nature imagery can deliver similar benefits.

What Should Teenagers’ Summer Plans Include? Adult Mentors
When it comes to summer activities for teens, mentors can go a long way in turning fun, non-academic pursuits into learning opportunities. If you’re reading this, you’re probably an adult, so why not be a mentor? Your positive influence can have a lifetime impact.

A Cognitive Scientist Has Devised a Drug-Free Sleep Trick For Your Restless Mind
As we head into what will be a long weekend for many, some of you might be planning to catch up on sleep. If you’re someone who has trouble falling asleep because you can’t stop thinking about work, relationships, politics, a robot uprising—whatever—perhaps you need to try the “cognitive shuffle,” a simple word game for turning off your restless mind.