June 26, 2015: Friday news roundup

Happy Friday and welcome to the latest batch of news that caught our eye this week. Have a great weekend!

The Rise of the Developer

Great data and insights in these survey results from InfoWorld, suggesting life and work are pretty good for most developers these days. Their influence is growing beyond the engineering pit, and they enjoy the fast pace of their chosen career. Biggest challenge? “Keeping up with new technologies/changing skill requirements.” JavaScript was the language developers were most interested in learning, while the top four skills developers felt they needed to acquire were cloud APIs, data analytics, security issues, and mobile technology. Mobile was ranked as the No. 1 skill needed to succeed among developers under 35.

Why Century 21’s Partnering with Udemy

With thousands of agents dispersed around the country and rarely, if ever, in an office, Century 21 recognized it needed a smart, efficient way to keep its workforce informed and engaged. Incorporating Udemy for Business into the company’s intranet has effectively put “all affiliates one click away from C21U, making it a one-stop shop for all learning.” It’s a great win for the Udemy for Business team and a perfect illustration of how corporate learning and development can adapt to our tech-driven times.

3 Things No One Tells 20-Somethings About Business Success

We’ve all read the usual complaints about millennials — they’re narcissistic, entitled, needing constant feedback. Of course, stereotypes are just that, and most millennials are just as driven, dedicated, and team-oriented as their older coworkers. Still, as this article explains, 20-somethings can help their cause by proactively debunking the negative generalizations and assumptions through their behaviors and attitudes.

Why We Love to Hate HR… and What HR Can Do About It

A pair of articles from the current issue of the Harvard Business Review look at the historical role of HR and how it’s evolved over time, along with the growing trend of giving job candidates assessment tests. About the latter, “Recent research shows that about 76% of organizations with more than 100 employees rely on assessment tools such as aptitude and personality tests for external hiring. That figure is expected to climb to 88% over the next few years.”

In-flight WiFi is About to Become a Thing People Actually Use

This article begins: “In-flight WiFi is basically the worst.” No kidding! While upgraded communications satellites promise to provide the same quality service as passengers have come to expect on the ground, on-board WiFi is notoriously expensive and there’s little hope that will change. Our recommendation: get the Udemy app for your phone or tablet and download your courses before you fly for full access while you’re offline.