July 24, 2015: Friday news roundup

So, what did you learn this week? Check out our collection of notable news and ideas, and you might pick up some more knowledge.

Has E-Learning Gone Wild Again?
We’re longtime followers of Josh Bersin, one of the leading voices in the field of corporate learning. Here, he puts the current surge in the e-learning space into historical perspective, looking at how the current wave of providers is taking advantage of better technology to deliver better student experiences. Bersin’s takeaway: the future looks very bright!

The Real Reasons Why YouTube’s 5 Biggest Stars Became Millionaires
For a while now, YouTube has been fertile ground for launching the careers of would-be entertainers, entrepreneurs, and personalities of all stripes. But it’s not just about achieving viral fame. Check out the current top five YouTube stars — all under age 30 — and how they’ve turned their video stylings into real money.

Think Outside the Valley: How Startups Can Change the World
We at Udemy recognize how lucky we are to be working for such a civic-minded company located in one of the most beautiful and prosperous parts of the country. Our VP of Engineering, Claire Hough, explains the responsibility tech companies in Silicon Valley have to help share their good fortune with others, such as by extending access to high-speed broadband. You can find a deeper discussion of this topic, with differing points of view, as part of the NY Times’ Room For Debate series.

Are You Ready for the Workplace of the Future?
Do you hate cubicles and love open offices? Do you prefer to work solo or crave group collaboration? Your answers may depend on your age. Different generations have different attitudes toward how, when, and where they work, and companies will be challenged to cater to all.