July 14, 2017: Friday News Roundup

What’s happening in the world? Disappointment if you’re into brain games, advice for whipping your workday into shape, the high school graduation of a Nobel laureate, and an unexpected threat to jobs in one American state.

Brain-training games don’t really train brains, a new study suggests
Sorry, folks, doing brain teasers on your iPad may be fun but not good for much else. In the “first large study to rigorously examine brain-training games… researchers found no evidence that commercial brain-training leads to improvements in memory, decision-making, sustained attention or ability to switch between mental tasks.”

Podcasts for the Recent College Grad
Don’t let the headline fool you. These podcasts could be informative, educational, and entertaining for anyone. From career advice to managing money, this list is worth checking out if you need some brain food during your commute or workout.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up the Workday
Maybe you’ve heard of lifestyle guru Marie Kondo and her popular approach to de-cluttering and simplifying your personal life. Here, the writer adapts the “KonMari method” to your work life. With emails, meetings, interruptions, and endless distractions in the office, there’s probably stuff bogging you down that you’d love to clear out.

Malala Yousafzai, Girls’ Education Advocate, Finishes High School
When you look at the impact Malala has had in her home country of Pakistan and around the world, it’s hard to believe she’s only just graduating high school now. She also celebrated her 20th birthday earlier this week. We are big Malala fans at Udemy, even naming a conference room after her in recognition of her courage and dedication to the cause of education for girls.

Union workers in Michigan are blaming goats—not robots—for taking away their jobs
Our roundup usually includes at least one story about robots beating humans at all sorts of cognitive activities and threatening our job security. The truth is it doesn’t matter who’s stealing your job when it happens. And in Michigan, it’s goats clearing land instead of union landscapers.