August 7, 2015: Friday news roundup

Hope everyone out there had a productive week. As the presidential campaigning kicks into gear, we’ll be paying attention to what the candidates have to say about education reform. So far, not a whole lot.

Anyone notice education got short shrift in GOP debate?
The GOP candidates didn’t talk about education policy very much at last night’s debate on Fox News, save for some banter between Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio over Common Core. Here, you can read the highlights and reactions from a couple of education groups.

Identifying the skills that can help you change careers
We know a lot of Udemy students use their newly acquired skills to enter a different job field. This author also suggests you look at your existing skill set and get creative about applying those talents to new opportunities.

Four steps to choosing a college major
College and even high school students today face tremendous pressure to identify their career paths early so they can be laser-focused on preparing themselves to enter that field upon graduation. That doesn’t leave much room for exploration and discovery along the way, but the founder of Roadtrip Nation has some advice for picking a major without blinding yourself to other possibilities.

How to separate learning myths from reality
Are corporate training programs fundamentally at odds with the way our brains work? Historically, employee learning has been based on “neuromyths,” such as the belief that brain development is pretty much locked in during early childhood. But, “as companies increasingly pour money into developing their employees, they can no longer afford to invest in training programs based on inaccurate and out-of-date assumptions.”

Reaching the parts others cannot teach
We are strong believers in the power of education for social good and that online learning is the best way to provide access to those who can benefit most. Here’s a look at three ways online education connecting in hard-to-reach populations: a hard-working immigrant looking to raise her family out of poverty; prisoners preparing for life after release; and refugees without schools.

Helping teachers put art back in schools
Finally, wrap up your week with a story about Art in Action, a Udemy Social Innovation grant recipient that’s equipping educators with information and tools for integrating art content into their curricula.