#LifeAtUdemy Spotlight: Meet Our Global Enterprise Sales Organization

Our sales team helps companies solve their critical skills gap and make an impact on millions of learners’ lives. As our team grows worldwide, we sat down with three teammates in our enterprise sales team to talk about their roles, the impact they make, and the opportunities to develop their careers at Udemy.

About our enterprise sales team

This team focuses on outbound sales and offers solutions for customers with 5,000 employees or more. It’s an excellent opportunity for seasoned sales professionals who are passionate about driving real organizational change and enjoy crafting unique solutions for complex challenges. 

Our team members receive comprehensive tools, resources, and dedicated support to excel in their roles and advance their sales careers.

Meet Maria Burton, a regional director for enterprise sales in Washington, D.C.

What about our mission or product inspires you to do your best work every day?

Our mission, products, and ability to help businesses across all walks of life have kept me here for more than four years. We bring value by providing a product that learners genuinely love using. Our exceptional instructors offer an extensive catalog of in-depth content, while our modern learning environment aligns perfectly with learners’ preferences.

No matter what’s happening in the world and economy, our customers share a timeless goal: upskilling and retaining talent. They understand the importance of equipping their employees with the tools for both the present and the future. Failing to invest in their workforce risks losing top talent, which can negatively impact the company’s bottom line. It’s a win-win scenario: leaders invest in their teams, and employees thrive.

How are you supported in your career development at Udemy?

Starting as an enterprise account executive, I quickly found success and was soon given the unique opportunity to help pioneer the strategic account function with one other teammate. Designing and spearheading that role was a rewarding experience, especially seeing its growth trajectory. 

After that, I moved into a role managing the enterprise account executives for the Southeast. All of these roles enabled me to forge invaluable relationships across various business units, including customer success, marketing, legal, and operations. These connections broadened my perspective and played a pivotal role in my growth at Udemy.

Having great leaders also contributed to my success. As a woman in sales, I’ve experienced the many ways this can play out. At Udemy, the leaders are the best of the best. They not only supported me but also challenged me to take on more prominent roles. A few leaders, in particular, are very pointed about making sure everyone has space to share their thoughts, especially those who might not typically get the air time to do that. Their dedication to amplifying diverse voices in the organization has been invaluable in showcasing my value here. I’ve adopted this approach with my team because I’ve experienced firsthand how impactful it can be for one’s career.

Meet Matthew Jolly, a Senior Enterprise Account Executive in London, Great Britain

What is the most unique, challenging, or interesting aspect of selling into the EMEA market? Why does our product matter to customers in this region?

At Udemy, we stand out for a reason. Our unique marketplace content curation model sets us apart from traditional publishers, giving clients unwavering confidence in achieving their goals from day one to day 5000.

Content reigns supreme, but so does our partnership with enterprises. Here’s why we shine:

  1. Content Today: We boast the most expansive and freshest content library, tailored to learners in localised languages across technical, professional, and personal development skills.
  2. Content Tomorrow: Our cutting-edge curation model ensures you’ll always have access to the latest and greatest content, keeping pace with the rapid changes in your industry.
  3. Partnership: We’re built to meet your learning and business objectives with demonstrable outcomes.

We’re not just content providers but your partners in propelling your business forward.

What makes someone successful on the EMEA enterprise sales team?

In EMEA, the competition is fierce, but your path to success is clear: 

Your ability to actively listen to customer needs, identify areas where Udemy excels that they may not have considered, and demonstrate the positive change we can bring is far more compelling than sticking with the status quo.

Reflecting on my experience, while I may not use the exact questions “Why change,” “Why now,” and “Why us?” anymore, the essence of being able to address these questions post-meeting honestly remains paramount.

To thrive in the enterprise arena, here’s what you need:

  1. Effective Sales Cycle Management
  2. Collaborative Spirit: Partner closely with Customer Success to execute our winning strategy and involve the right experts (solution engineering, legal, leadership, etc.) at the right times.
  3. Discerning Qualification: Focus on opportunities that fit while being unafraid to disqualify when necessary.
  4. Strong Bonds with Peers and Manager
  5. A Genuine Passion for the Learning Market and Sales

It’s a journey where your customer’s success is your success!

Meet Tarun Mudgal, a senior enterprise account executive in Mumbai, India

What is the most unique, challenging, or interesting aspect of selling into the APAC market? Why does our product matter to customers in this region?

The APAC region, especially India, is at the center of a tech-driven revolution, shaping the future of numerous industries. It plays a vital role in driving digital transformation for many large global companies, providing opportunities to fuel growth and bring operational efficiencies. 

In my role, I have the privilege of collaborating with leading Global Technology Services, Professional Services, and Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) organizations. This unique opportunity allows me to dive deep into their business priorities and work closely with C-level executives to make a meaningful impact as a trusted partner.

Yet, the landscape poses unique challenges, as the region is highly value-conscious, and current macroeconomic trends demand careful spending justification. However, our product stands out as a unique solution tailored to address mission-critical business initiatives. We empower organizations to upskill their existing workforce, enabling them to harness emerging technologies and ecosystems successfully.

What makes someone successful on the APAC enterprise sales team?

Firstly, working in the APAC Enterprise Sales team gives you an opportunity to work with some of the best Enterprise Sales individuals in the region. Our open and dynamic work culture cultivates an environment where you’re continually pushed to excel, learning from experienced mentors and peers along the way. 

Tenacity and a “Customer First” mindset are essential to thrive here. The key to success lies in consistently delivering value to our customers and relentlessly pursuing self-improvement.

Let’s revolutionize learning. Check out our open sales roles worldwide here and apply today!