Udemy launches new offer for Mastercard Business cardholders to help small and medium enterprises upskill their workforce

U.S. based Mastercard Business cardholders can now earn a 15% rebate on Udemy Business Team Plan purchases through the Mastercard Easy Savings™ program.

Upskilling your workforce has never been easier!

Today, we’re excited to announce that Udemy is joining the Mastercard Easy Savings™ program to enable Mastercard Business cardholders to take advantage of a 15% rebate on their next Udemy Business Team Plan purchases. Through this global merchant offers program, Mastercard Easy Savings™ makes it easier for SMBs to build, run and grow their businesses by providing rebates on expenses across the categories that matter most, such as education and training programs.

As businesses try to keep pace with innovation amidst a challenging macroeconomic environment, enabling employees to learn in the flow of work has never been more critical with 90% of executives saying they’re already facing major skills gaps––a trend they expect to continue over the next five years.

However, through Udemy Business, Mastercard Business cardholders gain access to more than 20,000 top-rated courses, providing education around key business, leadership and technology skills needed to drive their businesses forward. Additionally, the platform’s robust features enable organizations to offer personalized learning paths, including on-demand, immersive and cohort-based learning, to incorporate the individual needs of every business and employee.

Today, Udemy Business is helping more than 50% of Fortune 100 companies thrive. What’s more, a recent study of longtime customers revealed a 5x increase in upskilled employees and a 12% increase in productivity, leading to an average hiring cost savings of $1 million and an average revenue gain of more than $22.5 million.

To get started, businesses will need to confirm their Mastercard Business card issuer participates in Mastercard Easy Savings™ to receive the automatic rebate on their Udemy Business Team Plan purchases. Of note, this offer currently applies to U.S. based business cardholders only and requires Team Plan purchases to include at least five users at an annual cost of $360 per user with a maximum rebate amount of $1,350. To learn more about this limited-time offer, visit: https://www.priceless.com/shopping/product/181192/udemy-inc-easy-savings/s/17551.