Udemy hosts Xcode mobile design workshop

In celebration of the new Udemy course Xcode for Designers, instructor Chris Slowik led a live Xcode Mobile Design workshop at Udemy HQ last week. Organized with the help of Design&Startups, around 25 designers joined Chris as he discussed the fundamentals of creating a mobile design experience using Xcode by Apple.

Xcode, a toolset for designing and building iOS software, is an integral instrument for those looking to become an expert at designing engaging mobile apps. Chris walked attendees through the content explored in his course with Scott Hurff – the basics of Xcode 6 geared specifically for designers, and exactly what is needed to turn static designs into native, interactive apps. In addition to the workshop, guests also enjoyed refreshments, networking and a Q&A session.

Big thanks to all who attended! Stay tuned for more updates on future events.

Meet the instructors:

Chris Slowik

I’ve been involved in the creation of mobile and web apps for years, initially with mainly UI design. It was a natural next step to combine that experience with an interest in animation and get involved in more advanced interaction design. I currently create interaction concepts for all the cool stuff we’re designing at Creativedash, working with some really neat startups. I’m always looking for new ways to prototype and export interactions.

Scott Hurff

I’m a product manager and lead designer at Tinder. Previously, I was the founding team and head of product for Tappy before it was acquired by Tinder. I teach designers new skills and write about how they work. And I semi-regularly publish product and user interface breakdowns on my blog.