Student profile: Vincent Tek

Name: Vincent Tek
Location: Paris
Age: 23
Job title: Business development manager

Before Vincent Tek heard about Udemy, he was searching online for anything he could find to build his own learning path, a process he describes as “a real pain.” But he recognizes that learning is critical if he’s going to advance in his career and not fall behind, so he was willing to put in the extra effort.

Vincent is currently a business development manager. He studied electrical engineering before switching to get a business degree and now has ambitions of moving into tech as an iOS app developer in the next year or two. “In my roots I’m a geek, and I still want to keep tech in my life,” Vincent says. He did some programming in school and enjoyed it but wasn’t interested in spending time on the rest of the formal curriculum, hence the online search in order to teach himself.

It was around this time Vincent’s uncle, a software QA engineer, visited from the U.S. and introduced him to Udemy — and that changed everything. Now Vincent can “get any course in any field from the best teachers and recognized professionals anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds and learn whenever I want.” His very first Udemy course was Nick Walter’s “iOS 8 and Swift — How to Make a “Freaking” iPhone App,” and he describes the experience as “a really nice surprise.”

Prior to Udemy, Vincent was only familiar with a French platform for online learning that didn’t have any video content. He expected something similar from Udemy and loved Nick’s style as well as the fact that he was self-taught too. “I didn’t want to go straight into the serious part; I just wanted to discover what Swift is and what it takes to be an iOS developer,” Vincent explains. With those goals in mind, the course was “a good initiation.” He then proceeded to sign up for more courses from Nick and other instructors, including Mark Price’s “Objective-C Crash Course for Swift Developers” and Rob Percival’s “Mobile App Design In Sketch 3: UX and UI Design From Scratch.” He likes how instructor personality plays a part in his learning experience, giving him a variety of perspectives on how to code.

With Udemy, Vincent has finally found a way to pick and choose the courses he wants to take as well as where in each course he wants to start. This has allowed him “to make a complete course that fits all my needs.” Vincent looks forward to publishing his first apps soon.

It does take some self-motivation and discipline to study in his free time, but Vincent says Udemy makes it fun and “it’s easy to run through one or two lessons at a time.” Besides, the benefits pay off very quickly. “There’s excitement when you see the opportunities you have by taking these courses; that’s really motivating.”