Student profile: Steve Misic

Name: Steve Misic
Location: Hoffman Estates, IL
Age: 60
Job title: Online Trading Company instructor

One of the most fun and dynamic aspects of the Udemy marketplace is having instructors who take courses and students who go on to create new courses. It reinforces our belief that teaching and learning are two sides of the same coin, and there’s tremendous benefit in experiencing both. In the case of
Steve Misic, he’s an instructor by trade who came to Udemy in order to better understand some of the technologies and tools used in his industry.

Steve currently teaches stock trading and investing with Online Trading Academy, a position he considers his fourth or fifth career. He previously spent years as a broker, working for various insurance and retail brokerage firms and serving clients in the equities, Forex, and commodities futures markets. After noticing a lot of competition in the financial arena from people using electronic and algorithmic trading, Steve decided to teach himself about the programming languages behind the trading platforms he uses, and that’s how he found himself as a student on Udemy taking C# courses. Then he discovered lots of other courses of interest and has been hooked on Udemy ever since.

Steve’s learning goal is to eventually build trading apps for iOS, Swift, and Android, but when he arrived on Udemy, he was a complete newbie starting from square one. He was also a newbie to learning online, though he’d certainly taught online courses for trading students before. He knew he preferred teaching in person, but right off the bat, Steve found a lot to like about being an online student. He was impressed with Udemy’s course-taking experience, content variety, and instructor quality. He likes the video player and how the platform remembers where he left off so he can easily resume lectures, access his notes and bookmarks, and see quiz scores. “Udemy is completely different from anything I’d seen,” Steve says. “I haven’t found a course I haven’t liked, even if I was only able to watch a little bit and couldn’t dive in fully yet.”

As an instructor himself, Steve’s in a good position to evaluate Udemy’s everyday experts who share their know-how in the marketplace. “They’re all very passionate about the subjects they teach,” he says, and “there’s quite a bit of skill that goes into teaching and creating course material.”

For now, Steve’s concentrating on courses like “Programming for Complete Beginners in C#” and “Introduction to C# Getting Started,” and he’s making steady progress as he works toward creating an app for the Ninja Trader platform. Ninja Trader provides a wizard-type tool to walk users through the process of writing trading algorithms, but Steve wanted to “get inside and tear it apart and play with the code from the inside.” He’s always been someone who likes to look under the hood and see what makes things tick, so Udemy courses are helping him gain that deeper understanding.

“The speed of trading has accelerated so much, and pressing buttons is much quicker when done with some level of automation,” Steve explains. He doesn’t want to pay someone else to do the programming work for him because it would be a hassle if he needed to make changes later. His attitude is, “I might as well learn it myself.”

As happens for most of us, life and work do get in the way of Steve’s course-taking. He travels frequently, so he’s made use of the Udemy mobile app to squeeze in learning while he’s at the airport. Having bite-size lectures allows Steve to “fit the majority of what I need in the little time that I have to do it,” and having lifetime access means he can go at his own pace without penalty.

In addition to programming, Steve’s taking courses on the Microsoft Office suite, including “Microsoft Excel 2013 – Be the Excel master!!” and “Windows 10 Primer,” and courses he refers to as “psychology stuff” on improving productivity, focus, and goal-setting. Since discovering Udemy for himself, Steve has encouraged his trading students to browse the site too. “As an instructor, I can teach students all day about how to execute a trade, but I can’t give them the discipline to do it,” he says. He thinks Udemy courses could motivate students to take action. Many of them have very basic tech skills, and Steve “hasn’t found anywhere else with that information that I’d be comfortable recommending.”

With many years of teaching people how to invest under his belt, Steve’s looking for other opportunities with Online Trading Academy that will let him relax his travel schedule. What he’s learning on Udemy is also giving him ideas for the future.