Norberto Velázquez Medina

Location: Leon Guanajuato, Mexico
Age: 25
Job title: Extract, transform, load (ETL) developer

The progression of a career these days is more of a meandering journey than a linear path. Rather than picking a job or industry and sticking with it at all costs, today’s entrants into the workforce have more flexibility to try different things and see what feels right.

Such has been the case for Norberto Velázquez Medina, who, at age 25, is already on his third job. The good news is that he loves his current role as ETL developer for a financial services company and plans to stay there for a few years. To reach this point, he leveraged Udemy to learn skills that would propel his upward trajectory.

Three years ago, Norberto was at his first job with an IT company. They were looking to bring on people with experience using Informatica, so he went online looking for related courses and landed on Udemy. He enrolled in “Informatica: Start to Finish” and was able to switch to a different position at his company as part of a new team.

Still, there weren’t many options for him to continue growing in that job, so Norberto decided he needed to look around for his next opportunity. He found a position in another city that intrigued him but required knowledge of SAS programming. Again, Norberto searched Udemy’s course collection and signed up to take “SAS Programming for Analytics.”

For Norberto, learning online is far preferable to being in a classroom, but he hasn’t always had a great experience with other edtech vendors. Before Udemy, he paid a lot of money for another online course but didn’t feel the trainer was very good. He’s much happier with Udemy, where he can find courses on the widest variety of topics. He appreciates having access to all of his content whenever he needs to refer to something and likes being able to test and learn at once. He says he logs into his Udemy account every day and is always looking for new courses to take. He’s currently in Udemy courses on big data, Oracle, and SQL, and wants to go “very deep” into learning analytics.

Norberto’s been in his current job for only a couple of months as part of an analytics team. His role is to transform data into a format that a business analyst can work with, and he’s able to make use of the skills he’s learned on Udemy. He says this type of position is hard to find in Mexico where he lives, so he’s extremely happy to have it and plans to continue impressing his employers with his hard work and willingness to learn new things. He sees lots of opportunities to grow and advance, so his energy and attitude toward continuous learning should serve him well — now and wherever his future takes him.